GroupWatch: Watch Disney + from a distance with your loved ones

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Last September, the American platform Disney + announced the arrival of a new feature on its interface.

Promise kept, the service has just added the GroupWatch option. In the same principle as Netflix Party, it allows its users to watch movies simultaneously and remotely with their loved ones.

The release of this “Disney plus party”Is certainly not trivial, especially in this period of social distancing and curfew for part of France.

We’ll explain more about GroupWatch and how to use it.

What is GroupWatch?

After being launched and tested in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, GroupWatch has emerged on Disney + Europe.

This feature integrated into Disney + allows you to invite up to 6 people, who can enjoy any content on the platform, and simultaneously. Obviously, to take advantage of this, each guest must have their own account. Disney +.

Also, for more viewing options, know that GroupWatch is accessible on tablet, smartphone, Smart TV and computer.

Use GroupWatch

In contrast to Netflix Party, GroupWatch is not an extension but a native feature of Disney +. As a result, you won’t need to download or install it, just use it directly on the interface.

To do this, follow the 5 steps below:

  • Sign into your account Disney +.
  • Select the movie you want to watch simultaneously with your loved ones.
  • Once on the interface, click or tap on the symbol + to add participants.
  • Copy the link given to you and share it with your friends via email or sms.
  • Once they open it, go to To start to launch the GroupWatch.

To add a bit of interaction, you can react by sending emoticons if you want.

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