Grasp the scale of “e-waste” thanks to Game of Thrones

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The United Nations University has just published a study on electrical and electronic waste (EED) produced in 2014. And as one might expect, the weight of this e-waste is at an all-time high. So much so, moreover, that it is difficult to fully grasp the extent of the phenomenon: what do these “41.8 million tonnes” annual waste?

We therefore said to ourselves that it would be opportune to put the main results of the survey into perspective with references well understood by all. From there to transpose this study in the universe of Game of Thrones, there was only one more step to take. What we did happily.

Let us come back to these 41.8 million tonnes of DEE produced in 2014 for example: this is exactly the combined weight of a herd of 836,000 Drogon – the eldest / eldest son of the Khaleesi (1). Which still makes a significant number of pyromaniac cattle.

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