Google Play Games for PC arrives in Europe

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Google has just expanded its availability list of Google Play Games on PC by adding more than 40 countries worldwide and more specifically in Europe and New Zealand.

Users in these two new regions can now access Google Play Games for PC to finally be able to play Android games on Windows directly from a laptop or desktop computer.

The new service was launched in January 2022 in beta and only for a few selected countries of the world then has been made available for other countries including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines and finally Singapore.

Today and following this good news, it is now possible to access this service from France and more than 100 games compatible with PCs under the condition of having a minimum configuration required. Google has specified in this context that you need a Windows 10 operating system, SSD type storage with at least 10 GB of space as well as 8 GB RAM and more, an Intel UHD GPU graphics card Graphics 630 or a GPU like Nvidia GeForce MX450.

The PC service does not currently support gamepads. The games available have been adapted for the keyboard. So you can play without needing any other equipment.

You can download Google Play Games by going to the Google website, pressing “Download PC version”.

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