Good plan – Samsung 980 Pro 1TB at 114 euros (-48%)

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Samsung, the world number 1 in Flash memory has in its catalog high-end SSD and high-performance, I’m talking about the 1TB Samsung 980 Pro designed above all for hardcore gamers and the most demanding technophiles.

The NVMe M.2 SSD, the Samsung 980 Pro 1TB has been the subject of a very remarkable reduction since this Monday and as part of the winter sales on Amazon and even on other merchants here in France. At Amazon it is displayed at only 114 euros instead of 220 euros either a reduction of -48%, which seems to me very interesting especially for clipping it into a PS5 in order to exploit its capacities to the maximum. It loads games super-fast so you can play more and wait less.

To access the good Amazon plan on the Samsung 980 Pro it’s here:

The SSD in question is compatible with many motherboards and therefore in addition to the PS5, you can also install it on your desktop PCs or PCs, if you are looking for high performance bandwidth and throughput. for heavy-duty gaming, computer graphics, data analysis, and more.

The SDD 980 PRO available in 1TB, 2TB, 250GB and 500GB have been optimized for speed using Samsung Elpis controllers, specially designed for PCIe 4.0. You will thus be able to reach read speeds of 7000 MB/s, i.e. 2x faster than with an SSD in PCIe 3.0 interface and 12.7x faster than with an SSD in SATA interface.

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