Go on vacation on the internet.

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the confinement made life complicated for us. Between travel restrictions (or even bans), border closures and changes in traffic rules, we are a little lost. So, until things calm down a bit, why not just travel while staying at home?


It is the number 1 destination for all Internet users. Granted, it’s not really the absolute dream, but with a little imagination and ingenuity, we would almost come up with something that reminds us of the holidays. Missing your last trip? Enter the places you visited on YouTube, maybe a tourist posted a video about them, who knows? YouTube can also be a great place to find advice on planning your future trip. For example: you want to go to Vietnam. You want to know the administrative procedures. Type ” Vietnam visa »In the search bar. You will surely find answers to your questions. Finally, YouTube can be your chance to visit new places, discover new things, and make your mouth water. You might, by chance, find your future destination for your next vacation. So use YouTube as a catalog, videos from around the world, that’s not what is missing on the platform.

Visit a virtual museum

Here, we will think especially of lovers of culture and the arts. Some museums, since the start of confinement, have put virtual tours of their galleries online. Initially free, some have become chargeable, for example in countries where national confinement has been stopped. In France, it is therefore possible to visit the virtual Louvre museum, as well as the Grévin museum. The Louvre offers several online activities, such as “Mona Lisa, behind the glass”, podcasts and other various events, all related to the museum. The Grévin museum offers a 360 ° visit and in VR (Augmented Reality). It is therefore the moment to unsheathe your virtual reality headset for a total immersion, the time of one evening, at the museum. Other museums all over the world have also made this choice. There are now around thirty of them, with, among them:

  • the Washington DC Museum of Natural History;
  • the Beijing Palace Museum;
  • the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Google earth

If you’re new to Google Earth, chances are you’ll spend hours sitting on your couch looking for the most beautiful places in the world. Google Earth, as its name suggests, offers a global view of the earth from space, with the ability to zoom in until you reach the street of your choice. Thus, it is possible, for example, to type “New York” or “Dubai” and find yourself in the streets of these famous popular cities. If it’s also possible to type in your own address, as many of us do, why not use Google Earth instead to get a view of your next destination, your next hotel, and the location of your future vacation activities? Indeed, if the platform offers realistic views of different places in the world, it also offers a whole series of professional and amateur photos of the most visited locations. A very practical tool that will allow you to organize yourself precisely as soon as the situation returns to normal.

Traveling from your smartphone, tablet or PC is now possible. Thanks to advances in computers and the internet, we still have the opportunity to escape, even during these difficult times. These practical tools also allow us to organize ourselves for our future trip, so why not take advantage of them?

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