Gmail: here’s the solution to erase all your old emails at once

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A decision from Google recently fell, as of June 1, 2021, the company will change its storage policy. Not without consequence, this means that users will only enjoy 15 GB of storage, split between Gmail, Drive and Photos services.

Once you’ve reached your free storage capacity, you may end up paying to expand it, or worse, losing your data. So, if your account is overflowing with thousands of emails, we advise you to empty it before they are deleted by Google itself.

To prevent this from happening, we show you how to delete a large number of emails all at once.

Delete your old emails

To delete your emails on Gmail, you must be signed in to your account from your Chrome browser, on Mac, Windows, Android or iPadOS. It is also possible to do this from a smartphone, but the process is more complex.

First, check the storage capacity of your e-mail. You’ll find this information at the bottom of your Gmail page.

Google saves your primary emails in your Important tab. To remove spam, the best is to go through the integrated section tabs, already filtered into several categories: Social Networks, Promotions, Notifications and Forums.

Then to start:

  • Click on Promotions
  • Check the little box above your email list.

This process will allow you to select all emails from the first page of the tab.

To delete all of your emails, click on the message Select the (number) conversations in Promotions, then on the small trash can icon.

All the content of your Promotion folder will then be deleted … or almost. In reality, Gmail simply moves it to the Trash. To get rid of it completely:

  • Scroll down your options, then click More to bring up Trash.
  • At the top of your emails, tap Empty the trash.

After that, you can reproduce the same steps in other Gmail tabs.

Be aware that, by default, Google gives you 30 days before removing your deleted emails. You take advantage of a lapse of time to recover an accidentally deleted email, for example.

Filter your emails in Gmail

You may not have known it, but the Gmail search bar has a function other than finding your emails. It also allows you to use filters to eliminate your unnecessary emails.

To do this :

  • In the search field, click the down arrow.
  • Add one of the proposed filter criteria.
  • Click on Create a filter.
  • Choose the action to take, then click again Create a filter

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