GIMP 2.10.22 now supports AVIF and HEIC formats

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GIMP, the free and open source editor and image editing tool, has just released a new version for its public and on all supported operating systems.

This is the version 2.20.22 of GIMP which apparently introduced several improvements and new features in order to make the editor more powerful and more complete than before.

With the editor GIMP, you can already adjust a photo, crop it and convert to different formats, as in Photoshop there is a toolbox, drop-down menus and dialog boxes and palettes to facilitate your work.

New in this release is the introduction of support for two new formats, AVIF and the HEIC format. The former is also known as AV1 Image Format, and it combines an HEIF container intended for photography, which itself derives from HEVC or video-oriented H.265, with the AV1 codec.

For the second format, it is the HEIC file format (High Efficiency Image File Format) or quite simply in French the high efficiency image file format (A Heic or Heif extension) that is often found on iOS devices. , iPhones, iPads and iPodes.

The new version of GIMP has also improved other image formats like PSP, a format of the Paint Shop Pro software and also an improvement in the export of images in TIFF (Tag Image File Format).

To download the latest version of the software, simply go to the official project website and choose the file to download according to your operating system Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

If you already have an older version, just update it directly from the menu, simply select Help> About GIMP and run a check for updates to retrieve this version, that is to say GIMP 2.10.22.

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