Ghostek Hero PC Gaming headset review

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For once, we tested a PC gaming headset which, like any PC gaming headset, incorporates a microphone. We tested it during frenzied games of Free To Play games and we give you our opinion.

A truly PC headset

You will never be able to use this headset on your phone because this headset uses two Jack sockets, one for sound and one for the microphone, to use it on a telephone you would need a single jack socket. That being said after use we note a correct sound quality, a functional microphone that can be turned off with a command on the headphone wire. On the other hand, there is no writing on the L or R headphones, which means that you have to find your way with the microphone which is placed on the left side. Knowing how to properly position a helmet is important for games like shooters so you know where enemies are coming from.

You don’t have to have a big head

Indeed it is the black point of the helmet, to use it I have to put it to the maximum to have it just on the ears. Accordingly I will recommend the Ghostek Hero PC Gaming headset for those who are under 20 and looking for a cheap gaming headset (around 41 € excluding delivery).

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