Genshin Impact’s best F2P weapons

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Being a gacha game it’s hard to get the exact guns and characters you want Genshin impact. Weapons play an important role in character building, but there are a limited amount of them that are free to players. Below is a list of the best F2P weapons in Genshin impact. Most of the weapons on this list are forgeable, which grants additional buffs on each weapon.


Rancor prototype is one of the first forgeable weapons you receive Genshin impact. By reaching AR 10, you can claim it from the Adventurers Guild. The Smashing Stone perk on this one allows you to stack attack and defense when landing normal and charged attacks. It also increases the physical DMG bonus by a fixed percentage.

Genshin Impact weapons

the Iron prick has the ability to increase all damage dealt after dealing Elemental DMG. This stacking buff is great with characters that have short ability cooldowns, such as Kaeya or Keqing. Additionally, it grants a flat elemental mastery buff.


Both of these guns have abilities that increase both normal and charged attack DMG after performing a certain action: Starglitter prototype activates after using an elemental skill, and Pike croissant increases your damage when you pick up an orb or elemental particle.


the Archaic prototype is an excellent Claymore F2P in all scenarios. His secondary stat in percentage attack makes him stronger than Whiteblind, the other craftable claymore. There is a chance on hit to deal full-scale AOE damage with a 15 second cooldown.

Genshin Impact weapons

Starry silver fallen by snow is locked behind an unmarked puzzle in Dragonspine. After finding all the ancient sculptures, you will receive one and also learn how to forge it. This claymore has the ability to drop icicles on your enemies, giving you Cryo AOE damage and increasing your damage.


the Favonius War Bow is the only non-forgeable weapon on this list, but can be obtained by completing the Mondstadt scenario. he is a great option for players who need an extra energy recharge, which is the sub-start of this arc. His passive gives him a chance to generate Elemental Orbs when CRIT lands.

Genshin Impact weapons

Arguably one of the most powerful forged weapons, the Compound bow gives attack percentage and attack speed when you hit. This works well for sustained arc damage merchants – such as Ganyu or Fischl – that incorporate physical DMG.


Mappa Mare is a great catalyst for characters who focus on elemental reactions, like sucrose. It increases Elemental Mastery by a fixed amount and increases Elemental DMG after triggering an elemental reaction.

the Frostbearer The catalyst was added with Dragonspine and can be obtained by reaching level 10 of the Frost Tree. His ability, Frost Burial, gives him a chance to drop an icicle on your enemies on hit, dealing AOE damage. Secondary stat on Frostbearer increases attack percentage.

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