Galaxy S8 has the world’s best display, experts say

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A quick glance at the Galaxy S8 proves that Samsung has put a lot of effort into perfecting the display. We have elegant curves and bevels that are almost nonexistent and the entire screen dominates the surface of the phone. We can say that the screen of the Galaxy S8 is its main selling point. And now DisplayMate experts have given it the highest rating on the market.

In its report, DisplayMate believes that the Galaxy S8 has the most capable and innovative display that Samsung has produced to date. We have an incredible precision on the colors. Analysts estimate that the Galaxy S8’s display can reproduce the color gamut of 113% of DCI-P3 and 142% for sRGB / Rec.709. Combined with the Mobile HDR Premium standard, the Galaxy S8’s screen outperforms that of the Galaxy S7 in all areas, especially in ambient light and for watching videos in 4K.

DisplayMate also notes that the sub-pixel rendering technique used by Samsung allows for unparalleled sharpness. Sub-pixel rendering allows the color component of each pixel (red, green, and blue) to be processed independently. The result is that we have an impression of three times the normal resolution and we have to remember that the Galaxy S8 offers 570 pixels per inch.

The Galaxy S8 shatters many records in the DisplayMate test and most notable is the peak brightness at 1,020 nits which is 17% brighter than the Galaxy S7. This record is necessary to enjoy HD content without too much problem. But even under normal conditions, the improved viewing angles and automatic brightness should deliver an exceptional user experience that will need to be best preserved with a case for your future Galaxy S8. A sensor on the back measures the light behind the device in order to have a vision of the device which better reflects the surrounding conditions to adapt the display.

But the feat is that Samsung has not increased the necessary power of the Galaxy S8’s screen. In other words, you get this enormous quality while enjoying the same battery life as the Galaxy S7. Most users are already impressed with the Galaxy S8’s display, but these tests will definitely prove it to you.

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