GAFAM Linkedin, the professional social network

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The success of the biggest tech companies in the world proves how much this field is one of the industries that shape the global economy. The digital industry is growing and several studies and rankings based on the stock quotes of these companies show that technology is the future. the GAFAM Linkedin is one of these companies, focus on this platform focused on professional networking.

GAFAM or the big five

GAFAM is an acronym that designates the five giants of the Web:

  • Google (Alphabet)
  • Apple
  • Facebook (Meta)
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft.

These exclusively American firms dominate the technology and digital markets around the world. The ” Big five Are influential on all levels: social, political, and economic. Sometimes perceived as pioneers and innovators, sometimes as companies which commit abuses thanks to their great grip on artificial intelligence and which do not respect the privacy of Internet users. When we talk about GAFAMI, it’s because IBM is included.

What is the Gafam LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Corporation overview

Created in 2002 by Arnaury Theinart, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Vaillant, LinkedIN is currently managed by Ryan Roslansky. With capital originally held by investment funds, the social network is actually owned by Microsoft since 2016, with a purchase price of $ 26.2 billion.


It has become evident that the main reason that motivated Microsoft to buy the platform is the acquisition of thousands of professional data from LinkedIN members. Many of them are withdrawing from the network and the hashtag #LinkedOut is becoming a trend on the net.

How LinkedIN works

Professional networking

LinkedIN concerns everything that has to do with professional life, including direct contacts and contacts to varying degrees. So you can via LinkedIn;

  • Find work
  • Recruit
  • Find providers
  • Develop your network
  • Make business projects …

A social network

Like other social networks, LinkedIN has the inherent basic functionalities:

  • Searching for profiles
  • The publication of posts and content (articles, stories…) even if they have a character limit.
  • Profile pages for companies that want to generate more traffic and engagement
  • Groups or think tanks that share a common interest or expertise
  • Several languages ​​available
  • A mobile version of the site and a mobile application.

LinkedIn victim of a cyber attack?

In September 2021, 700 million LinkedIN users saw their personal data being shared in a database on Telegram. Listed on a forum, it brought together private and public data from 92% of social media subscribers. And among this data are email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses and even geolocation data and salary scales. This attack therefore opened the door to phishing , spam and in the worst cases, identity theft. Upon investigation, it was determined that this was not a leak but an attack on hacker or cyber hackers.

To which GAFAM do these social networks belong?

The giant Alphabet

It is the parent company of Google. It has among others:

  • The Google search engine (Gmail, Chrome, etc.)
  • Android operating system
  • Pixel
  • YouTube, the video hosting and streaming site
  • Waymo
  • Doubleclick an online advertising agency.


The company includes among others:

  • Windows operating system
  • Skype the phone call and video conferencing software
  • The Bing search engine
  • Microsoft Office for office work
  • LinkedIN the professional online network
  • XboX: game consoles.


He holds :

  • the e-commerce giant
  • Kindle and Audible, the first being an e-reader for electronic documents and the second a sales service for books and audio programs
  • Alexa the intelligent assistant
  • Alexa Rankings to learn about internet traffic statistics
  • Amazon Video, a video-on-demand service
  • The Twitch streaming platform
  • GoodReads for book reviews.


The famous apple company brings together

  • Apple: electronic products
  • Siri; the intelligent assistant
  • Shazam, a mobile music recognition application
  • Beats: the brand of headphones
  • Emagic
  • The modem division of Intel


The Méta group owns:

  • Facebook the social network
  • Messenger; instant messaging linked to the Facebook account
  • Instagra, the social network for sharing photos
  • WhatsApp, instant messaging
  • JibbiGo, a voice translation application
  • PrivateCore for securing servers.

Is GAFAM in danger of changing?

So in theory, GAFAM members are supposed to be competitors; their hold on our world is unquestionable. And the pandemic has only strengthened their position. The respective growth of each of these companies has propelled their respective founders among the world’s largest fortunes with stock market records. But recently, a global tax was agreed by 136 countries: a minimum tax rate of 15% for GAFAM, in the United States but also worldwide. Who knows if this will be a game-changer for these economic superpowers?

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