Freeing up memory on WhatsApp: a new feature is coming

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If you spend a lot of time on WhatsApp exchanging pictures and videos with your friends and family, you might have a lot of occupied space in memory. Check out the new functionality of the app to quickly erase data.

We all spend most of our time to send e texting and chatting on the phone,to exchange with our friends, colleagues or family an insurmountable number of funny messages, photos, videos, pictures or o voice notes. This continuous exchange of messages naturally implies the saturation of the memory of our smartphone. When we receive pictures, videos and other media files in our conversations, to display them,
we inevitably download them to the device’s storage memory that we use.

If you also spend a lot of time texting on WhatsApp and at exchange images and videos with your friends and family, be aware that you may have a lot of space occupied in memory by this multimedia content. Often, in fact, we end up with the full memory of the smartphone and strive to free up space on the phone, mainly eliminating the apps that we rarely use or the heavy files present in the photo and video gallery. With the latest update, WhatsApp just made it easier to free up space on your phone.

Erase WhatsApp files from memory

Before we get into the merits of this post and show you the new WhatsApp feature, we would like to quickly illustrate the methods that you can traditionally use to clean in memory by deleting WhatsApp files. First of all, you can erase WhatsApp data saved on your phone just by going to your settings. call looking for the feature that allows you to manage apps and select WhatsApp. On iOS and Android you will find a preview of the app with the summary on it.

Here, choosing the “Storage space” element, you will be able to know how much space the app takes on your phone, but more importantly by clicking on “Delete data” you can delete cached files or delete all media. Be careful though, as deleting all data may no longer be able to download and open important messages you received on WhatsApp. This feature will delete the files in the media from your phone memory, and in the future it may not be possible to recover an old file for use again.

Another method is to install an application that allows you to delete files on your phone that you do not frequently use:among them, surely the application will suggest you to delete the old files which you don’t even remember to have in memory, but which maybe are stored because they are received in old conversations on WhatsApp.

As we have seen, it was already possible to clean your phone by deleting WhatsApp files from memory. WhatsApp itself already had basic functionality to erase media stored by the app, but now thanks to the new functionality, itis possible to have a complete management of data directly from the app. To manage the memory occupied by the messages exchanged in the application, open WhatsApp and follow the following steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Choose space and data usage
  • Click Storage Usage

Here, you will be faced with a new interface that categorizes items by size and lets you preview files before deleting them. You can then select multiple items to delete, keeping the files you want to keep. The new feature also divides media into two categories:

  • Files larger than 5 MB;
  • Files that have been “transmitted multiple times”.

In addition, WhatsApp now also displays an alert when your phone is low on memory, asking you to delete some media files. Many of us, for example, liked this new feature. Even for those who are fairly diligent about clearing my phone’s memory, this feature is really great because it allows you to have a quick overview of the chats or groups within which you are trading. files of a certain size.

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