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Are you looking for a solution to free up storage space on your Apple Watch? You should consider getting rid of content and apps that you no longer need. The rest of this article will show you how to delete an app from an Apple Watch.

Check the storage space of your Apple Watch

The low storage space of the Apple smartwatch can cause some problems. Unlike smartphones (iPhone), the first models of Watch have a storage capacity of no more than 8 GB.

Users who have opted for an Apple Watch with a low storage capacity are too often reduced to hunting down unnecessary data. Indeed, several dozen pieces of music, a few podcasts or a handful of applications are enough to fill the memory of the Apple connected watch.

Fortunately, a few simple gestures are enough to free up space in your Watch. But before we jump into the big maneuvers, let’s already see which apps are using the most storage space on your device.

  • Take control of your iPhone
  • Launch the Watch app
  • Click on the general tab then on about
  • You will see the list of applications listed in order of size
  • Scroll down and check the name of the application (music, activity, photos etc.) using the most storage memory
  • This window will also show you the total capacity and amount of space available on your watch.

This verification can also be done directly from the Apple Watch. To do this, simply open the device settings then click on general and use. Once the culprit (s) have been identified, you will be able to clean up your apps. Below are some tips for restore your Apple Watch from a backup.

Delete music on your Apple Watch

You have just taken stock of your storage space. Now you know which type of content takes up the most space on your watch. You will most certainly see some applications appear that you have forgotten to exist.

You delete the items you no longer need. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a geek or a computer expert to perform this type of operation. Here is the procedure for delete an application on the Watch.

Apart from apps, music tracks and podcasts usually take up the most space. If you’re used to syncing music to your Apple Watch, you might want to consider a little spring cleaning.

It is very practical to be able to listen to music on your Apple Watch using Bluetooth headphones, especially when you are not near your iPhone. Be careful, however, that this function does not take up too much space on your watch. Here is the procedure for deleting music from the app on your Watch.

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone
  • Click on the my watch tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Press the my music section
  • Click on the edit button at the top right
  • Press the delete button (red with the minus symbol) placed in front of the music you want to delete from your Apple Watch

Important detail, the music erased from your watch remains on your iPhone. Apple’s smartphone also has a feature to sync the most frequently played songs and playlists. Consider deactivating it.

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