Four tips for treating constipation in children

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Constipation is a fairly common digestive problem in children. Remember that your gut is still developing and therefore it is normal that every now and then it has such a problem that it does not finish absorbing the different nutrients from food well. The normal thing is that this constipation can be resolved without too much trouble and goes away just as it came.

However, if the constipation persists over time, it is important to see a doctor to check if you have any type of pathology. Then, we offer a series of remedies or tips that can help the little one solve their digestive problem.

Increase your fiber intake

Fiber is essential and essential in preventing a child from suffering from constipation. Fiber cannot be lacking in the child’s diet and should be taken regularly with all meals. It is present in fruits such as apple or kiwi, in vegetables or in cereals. Normally, a diet rich in fiber helps to eliminate the various problems of constipation.

To drink a lot of water

Another of the key things to keep your child from constipation is to drink water throughout the day. It is very important that the child remains perfectly hydrated at all times and do not show a lack of fluids. The intake of water helps the stool to soften and can come out without a problem. The recommended drink should be water, the consumption of sugary drinks or juices is not recommended because they do not bring any good for the body.


Play sports

Regular physical exercise prevents constipation. Physical activity helps the fecal mass to move smoothly throughout the intestine and to pass stool satisfactorily. In addition, the practice of sport is important for the child to feel good about himself and to avoid the problems of extra pounds.

Intake of fermented dairy products

One of the causes of constipation in children can be due to a lack of probiotics in the digestive system. These bacteria are found in fermented foods and help absorb the various nutrients found in the digestive tract.

Generally, constipation in children is resolved by following this series of tips or natural remedies. However, there may be times when the problem persists despite following these tips. If this happens, parents should consult the doctor to find out why the constipation persists or persists and from there act in the most appropriate way possible. In such cases, the child may suffer from a type of condition that prevents him from having normal bowel movements. This digestive problem is usually solved by administering certain drugs that help the digestive process to be ideal. Otherwise, the little one can have continuous episodes of constipation with all the harm that this implies in terms of health.

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