Force Siri to notify you as soon as your iPhone is 100% charged

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If you have an iPhone or iPad, you’ve probably already used Siri to ask for information or give it orders. But Apple’s voice assistant can give you a lot more. For example, you can ask it to notify you as soon as your smartphone or tablet is fully charged.

Siri helps you conserve iPhone battery

As you already know, it is better to keep an eye on the battery of your smartphone. This is a very important element that you should not hesitate to pamper. For example, it is not recommended to leave your phone to charge overnight.

In fact, all devices equipped with a lithium-ion battery have a charging circuit which automatically cuts off recharging when the battery is at 100%. But after a few minutes, the latter will drop back below the 100% threshold and thus re-trigger the charge. These mini cycles may affect the battery life of your iPhone.

Added to this is the cost of electricity consumption linked to a permanently connected charger. These electrical devices contain a transformer which, as their name suggests, will transform the voltage of the current from the outlet (220 volts) in your home into a lower voltage (12 volts) compatible with tablets and smartphones.

Obviously, a transformer constantly consumes energy. It is therefore better to remove the cable when the battery of the iPhone or iPad is full. This will avoid damaging your battery life and at the same time reduce your electricity bill.

Siri notifies you as soon as the battery is fully charged

No need to go through your iPhone or iPad settings, you won’t find any option that will notify you when your battery is full. This feature may appear when a new version of iOS is released.

In the meantime, know that with a little creativity, nothing prevents you from setting up a small script to perform such an action. For this you will need to use the Shortcuts application and perform some operations. Rest assured, we will explain everything to you.

  • Launch the Shortcuts app
  • Tap the automation tab
  • Click on the button create a personal automation
  • If you do not see it appear click on the + icon at the top right
  • Then scroll down the window and select the Battery level option in the list
  • Move the slider to the right and then make sure to select the option Is equal to 100%
  • Press the continue button to continue with the configuration and add an action
  • Place your finger on the search box at the bottom
  • Enter the following text: Get the battery level then click on it
  • Tap the plus sign and find the Speak Text option in the list
  • Change to a more explicit phrase such as full battery or unplug iPhone
  • Make sure the ask before run option is unchecked
  • Tap Don’t ask in the pop-up window
  • Just click Finish to save the automation.

The next time your phone’s battery is fully charged, Siri will speak the prerecorded text aloud. You can also force your iPhone to play music

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