For World Environment Day, Back Market is going straight into the wall.

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Born from the association of AIRE and the Filipino paint company Boysen, KNOxOUT paint contains a chemical element, CristalACTIV, which produces photocatalysis. You follow ? It is thus thanks to solar energy and even to any other source of light that this odorless and non-toxic paint acts by absorbing atmospheric pollutants. Truly improving indoor and outdoor air quality, it disinfects, deodorizes, prevents mold from forming, the spread of respiratory infections and destroys bacteria in the air.

Ten square meters covered with a KNOxOUT layer that can clean as much air per day as an adult tree of average size, it is with this paint that the walls of certain large cities of the world (in Peru in particular) are filled in order to ” eliminate pollutants from regions that exceed legal pollution limits.

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