Follow these 6 steps to modify your Instagram logo

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To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Instagram is providing you with a new feature allowing you to change the appearance of its app on iOS and Android.

Now, and until the end of October, you can choose from 13 patterns. Among them, find the options: Classic, Original, Codename, Twilight, Sunrise, Pride or Dark.

Whatever your preference, we explain how to dress your home screen with a new logo.

Change Instagram logo

To change the look of your favorite social network icon, there are only 6 steps to follow and we have put them together below:

  • First, make sure your app has been updated (the feature is only available with update 162.0)
  • Meeting on Instagram, then go to your user profile.
  • At the top right of the screen, click on the three bars.
  • Select option Settings.
  • Now scroll down the screen until you see several emoticons including the one of an opening gift package.
  • Finally, from the list presented, choose the icon that you like the most.

The logo will automatically change and it will appear on your home screen. If you want to change it again, then you just have to do this manipulation again.

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