Follow the France-Sweden Women’s Handball match from the Olympics live

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The 2020 Olympic Games, finally postponed to the summer of 2021, began on July 23 and will end on August 8, in Japan and without an audience …

For now, France is 9th in the standings, counting a total of 8 medals won, including three in gold.

Do not hesitate to take a look at the table below of the 10 First Nations:

South Korea42511

In addition to individual events, we also rely on team sport, like women’s handball, to secure important victories. Les Bleues are currently in fourth place in their group standings.

They will play their third match against Sweden on Thursday July 29 at 2:30 p.m., which had largely won against Russia. We obviously hope for a triumph for the national team to calmly approach the qualification of the quarterfinals.

As for the next meetings, here are the dates to remember:

  • Saturday July 31 at 7.15am: France vs Russian Olympic Committee
  • Monday August 2 at 4 a.m .: France vs Brazil

As for Guillaume Gille’s men, they won against Germany and are therefore well and truly qualified for the quarterfinals.

Watch the France-Sweden women’s handball match on TV and streaming

To follow the next French meetings in clear and free, visit the channels of France Televisions. To enjoy it in streaming, you can connect to the site France TV sport.

The other large group that broadcasts the entire competition is Eurosport. To access it, you can subscribe to Canal + and its Sport + pack at € 46.99 / month for a period of one year, that of two years is 41.99 € / month.

To follow the competition on your mobile devices and TV, via Airplay or Chromecast, for example, then why not choose a subscription without commitment? As the 100% Digital (€ 41.99 / month) on Canal + and the Sport + pack.

Finally, you can also turn to Eurosport Player, offered from € 5.99 / month.

Watch the France-Sweden women’s handball match from abroad

Do you have a Canal + or Eurosport Player subscription? Nothing prevents you from watching these Olympics from abroad thanks to a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Such a service then makes it possible to hide your geographical location and to browse sites as if you were in France.

We are thinking in particular of NordVPN and ExpressVPN. So that you find the one that suits you best, do not hesitate to consult our comparison of the best VPNs (same free).

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