Fix Windows could not automatically detect proxy settings for this network

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Learn more about How to Fix Windows Could Not Automatically Detect This Network’s Proxy Settings on Windows 10/8/7 on PC / Laptop.

When we fix internet problem on your windows, it shows that your windows are unable to detect network proxy configuration error. Many users are very afraid of this problem. We don’t worry about this problem. There are several ways to resolve these issues. We easily fix this error using some methods or applications.

Windows could not automatically detect the problem with the proxy settings for this network

Windows repair methods failed to automatically detect proxy settings for this network

Use a correct and updated adapter driver

The network error was caused by the wrong type of network. This means using a network card driver. So we can update your driver every day. If we don’t like playing with the pilots, we have another easy way to use the pilot. The drivers help to automatically recognize your system and find the correct errors. Once we found out what type of system was running on your computer, we downloaded and installed the driver. Otherwise, we don’t download any driver. We easily download this app in play store or app file format. It had the automatic update function. It is a free or pro version available in this app.

Download procedure for Driver Easy

  • First of all, we need to download this app from Play Store file format or from the app.
  • After downloading this app, run this app. It easily opens its interface.
  • Run this application using the run key. After running this application, click on the Scan Now button. This will help to detect problematic drivers.
  • If you want to update the application, click on the update button in the marked keyboard driver, which will automatically download and install the correct version of the driver.
  • If you download the pro version, we easily get the updated version and the correct version used to install the correct version. And it helps to detect all your windows problems.
  • After completing all the processes, we need to troubleshoot the computer and restart the computer. After this process, we find the internet frequently and understand that the previous errors are gone.

Disable the proxy server

  1. We can fix this problem by making changes to your proxy settings. Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard. Otherwise, press the R key to call up the execution zone.
  2. In your Run Administer, type the inetcpl.cpl, then click the Enter button.
  3. After that, go to the Internet properties of the LAN settings and then select the connection label.
  4. In your local network of proxy servers, uncheck and check the automatic detection settings. And then press the OK button.
  5. Solve your problems and we’ll get your internet connection back. Now we see that your mistakes are gone.

Reset IP and Windows sockets

We had another way to correct these problems. In this method, we don’t need the app. We just make the changes in the Windows sockets.

Open your window in the system. And then go to the command prompt. Then right-click and select Run as administrator key.

We type the following commands in the command prompt

  • “Netsh Winsock reset”
  • “Netsh int ipv4 reset”

After typing these commands, restart your computer systems.

Reinstalling Network Drivers

If you want to reinstall your network drivers, we want to check if the network drivers are present or not. Device drivers are one of the essential parts of the computer. Communication windows are performed by wireless card adapters and network adapters. This type of problem occurs with corrupted or outdated drivers. When you reinstall your network drivers, connectivity issues are usually resolved.

It is easily dealt with by the following simple steps

  • Open your system windows and press + s key then search for it in your device manager.
  • Additionally, click and open launch windows in your device manager.
  • Then click on the network card, then expand this window.
  • Finally, right click on your current network adapter, then we need to uninstall the device.

Now we need to restart your Windows and your computer and it will automatically install the correct network driver in your system. We have to constantly connect to the network connection and we get the warning message coming into your computer.

Network troubleshooting tool

Windows also had the built-in troubleshooter and it will be used when you have problems with your network connection. If you are not ready for system configuration in your system settings, we use the network troubleshooter.

Open your computer and then press Windows key + S, which is used to find the required requirement. And type this command into your control panel. After that the process clicks and makes the control panel. Then click on the Network and Internet option in your control panel. Then it goes to the network setting. Click on the Network and Sharing Center there. And then now click on troubleshoot issues.

Finally, we find the network adapter in the list of devices, and then perform the diagnostic process in your computer system. After the process, we activate the Windows troubleshooting utility. And finish the computer scanning process and after scanning restart your computer system. And yet we see that your proxy settings are resolved.


Windows 10 cannot automatically detect your systems proxy settings. Because it has no settings to fix these issues. The easiest way to fix this error is to restart your network card. And right click on the network icon in the toolbar and we need to select the open network and internet settings. Switch to Ethernet through the settings in the pop-up window.

When you get Ethernet, change the adapter settings. Locate your network connection in another dialog box and right click on it. After this process, choose the Disable option from the context menu bar. If the activation process is complete, you restart your computer. In this way, your computer problems are removed from your computer.

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