Firefox is now available in Windows Store

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Mozilla has just announced that it is now possible to have the Firefox web browser on Windows 10 and Windows 11 directly from the Windows Store from Microsoft. Good news because it will facilitate the installation of this open source browser and users will have more choices than before. Microsoft only accepted in its store browsers that have the same rendering engine as Edge browser, I’m talking about Chromium instead of Gecko, for example Opera.

The version available in the Microsoft store is not at all different from the classic version that can be downloaded and installed from the site of Mozilla except that you can have both versions (the version in Windows Store and the one on the site of Mozilla) installed at the same time and you can run them simultaneously without problems.

The Windows Store version of Firefox uses the new Proton interface which is cleaner, more welcoming and easier to use and above all very similar to the version found in standard Firefox. In this version, synchronization is also supported as well as the possibility to install additional modules (extensions / Add-ons) from the modules catalog.

Mozilla has confirmed that its browser in the Windows Store also supports DNS over HTTPS, Total Cookie Protection, Enhanced Tracking Protection, WebRender, Quantum CSS, Multi Picture-in-Picture, Colorways, etc.

And finally, I don’t think the decision to make Mozilla available in the Microsoft store will impact the use of the Edge browser, simply because the latter, based on Chromium, has gained market share on Chrome and Firefox these two. years and is now catching up with its users lost in the Internet Explorer era. Not just that but the fact that Firefox has been installable for a long time on Windows 10 and 11 without going through the Microsoft store suggests that this decision will have no impact on the use of Edge.

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