Find Your Friends Via GPS With These 7 Free Android Apps

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Are you looking for an app to follow your friends or family? Check out these location apps to keep tabs on your loved ones.

Do you want an app to track the location of friends and family on a map? Sure, it sounds a bit scary, but nowadays most people are continuously posting their location on social media. Surely another privacy-eroding app won’t hurt.

If you want the best location tracking apps, GPS tracking apps, and ways to find a friend’s location, read on.

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1. Glympse


Over time, Glympse has grown into one of the most popular tracking apps on the Play Store. The central principle of the application is to be able to quickly and easily share your GPS position with your friends, family and colleagues.

One of the best features of Glympse is that it doesn’t require recipients to sign up to see where you are on a map – they just need a web connection. This makes Glympse different from other location sharing apps like WhatsApp and Google Maps.

Glympse also has an important security function: all “Glymps” automatically expire after a defined period of time. So there is no risk that you will forget to turn off location sharing and accidentally broadcast your location for hours.

Download : Glympse (free)

2. Sygic Family Finder

Your Family Locator, GPS Tracker
Your Family Locator, GPS Tracker

Sygic Family Locator is the best app on this list for anyone who has kids and wants to stay on top of their location all the time. You can use it to see the real-time location of anyone else in your family who is using the app. There is also a built-in messaging service to contact other users.

Most importantly, from a child safety perspective, Sygic Family Locator has an SOS button for parents. When pressed, it will immediately report their children’s position on a map. This is useful when traveling with the family in large public spaces, where children tend to get lost on their own.

Parents can also set up notifications to receive an alert when their child reaches a particular destination (such as school or a friend’s house). And the app supports creating safe / dangerous areas; if a child crosses a limit, parents receive an alert.

Unlike Glympse, others must have Sygic Family Locator installed in order for you to see their location.

Download : Sygic Family Locator (Free in-app purchases available)

3. A-GPS Tracker

A-GPS Tracker
A-GPS Tracker

While the primary use case for many apps in this category is to keep tabs on your kids, they’re also useful for anyone who spends a lot of time off the beaten track. More specifically, we are talking about hikers, walkers and campers.

Hiking in unfamiliar areas can be a real danger to your safety. If the weather suddenly changes, it’s easy to get lost. As such, it may be a good idea to install A-GPS Tracker on your device before you leave.

The developers created the map with hikers in mind. All maps have elevation measurements, and the latitude and longitude coordinates of your location are provided in degrees and UTM-WSG84. You can also load other users’ routes and get an audible alarm if you stray too far from where you are supposed to be.

Awesome for a free app, it doesn’t contain any ads.

Download : A-GPS Tracker (free)

4. Geo Tracker

Geo Tracker - GPS tracker
Geo Tracker - GPS tracker

Geo Tracker is another GPS tracking app worth considering. Like A-GPS Tracker, it is primarily aimed at people who spend time in nature, but it works in any environment.

It will plot your location on a map, but also provide you with a bunch of extra data like speed, elevation, vertical distance (for climbs and descents), and grade incline. All tracks are saved in GPX and KML format, which means you can import them into apps like Google Earth and Ozi Explorer.

Other features include support for Yandex Maps (in case you are in a country where Yandex Maps is superior to Google Maps, such as Russia), and the ability to score points of interest on your trip.

Most importantly, you can share your location with your friends and family. This means that you can find your friends’ phones in case you haven’t heard from them for a while.

Download: Geo Tracker (Free in-app purchases available)

5. Google Maps

Maps - Navigation and public transport
Maps - Navigation and public transport

Did you know you can use Google Maps to track your friends and family?

It depends on who is sharing their location with you, so it might not be the best option in some situations. However, for groups of friends or colleagues trying to organize a meeting, this will be more than enough.

If you want to know how to share your location with friends on Google Maps, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Google Maps app.
  2. Tap your profile picture in the top right corner.
  3. Choose Sharing position in the list of options.
  4. Push the button New share in the lower right corner.
  5. Set a duration for sharing or select Until you turn this option off .
  6. Choose the people you want to share with from your contact list.

Remember, if you’re a member of a Google family group, you’ll already have access to the GPS locations of all participating children.

Download : Google maps (free)

6. Life360

Life360 - Find Family, GPS Tracker
Life360 - Find Family, GPS Tracker

Life360 uses “circles” to manage who you share your location with. So, whether you want an app to track your friends or family, it’s worth checking out.

You can choose when you share your location with each circle. For example, you might want to share your location with your friends at a party, but not the rest of the week. The Circles approach gives you that level of control.

Each circle has a private card and private messaging service that only other circle members can see.

Download : Life360 (free, subscription available)

7. GeoZilla Family GPS Locator

GeoZilla - Locate Family, GPS Tracker
GeoZilla - Locate Family, GPS Tracker

GeoZilla Family GPS Locator is another app to track friends and family.

Unlike many location sharing apps, the GeoZilla Family GPS locator uses less battery power on your phone thanks to the SLC (Significant Location Change) feature. This ensures that the app will not trigger if you walk a short distance on your property. Instead, it will only start recording when you move a considerable distance.

Other features include alerts when family members arrive at their destination, a week of location history on a map, and a way to assign location-based tasks with family members through shared to-do lists. .

Download : GeoZilla Family GPS Locator (Free in-app purchases available)

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Other Ways to Track People

Apps aren’t the only way to track the people you want to watch. There are portable devices, web services, and even search engines that can help.

And remember that some of these apps are unmistakably privacy-invasive. Before following someone, make sure you have their explicit permission to do so.

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