Find out how to measure a person’s height with an iPhone

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Camera, music player, radio, camera, game console, the iPhone can do almost anything. It can also be used as a measuring tape to measure a person’s height in seconds. We explain how to properly take measurements with the new LiDAR sensor fitted to the latest generation iPhones.

How to measure a person with an iPhone

The new iPhone has a LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scanner used for laser remote sensing. Concretely, this means that it is possible to map objects in three dimensions.

Obviously one can wonder what would be the use of such a device on a smartphone. Well, thanks to this measurement system, the iPhone can now turn into an ultra-precise measuring tape. If this feature is for the moment mainly intended for people wishing to have the exact measurements of a part, nothing prevents you from using it to measure a person’s height.

Please note this feature is only available on certain iPhone models. This is the case for example of the iPhone 12 Pro of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. For the moment, these are the only two Apple phones equipped with a LiDAR scanner.

  • Launch the Measure app on your mobile device
  • During the first launch, you will be asked to install Apple’s ARKit augmented reality platform. Nothing complicated, just follow the instructions on the screen
  • Position your iPhone so that the person is fully visible in the camera viewfinder. The subject must be framed from head to toe.
  • Also be careful to hold your phone as straight as possible.
  • As soon as the application detects the presence of a person, you will see a line displayed on the screen just above their head
  • The measurement is automatically displayed below this line
  • To keep track of this measurement, click the shutter button on the camera
  • Your iPhone will take a photo of your friend with the measurement of his height
  • Then tap on the screenshot thumbnail and then on the save to photos button

As you can see, measuring the height of a person with an iPhone is a relatively easy operation to perform. In any case, much easier to achieve than with a tape measure and a pencil.

As far as the precision of the measurements is concerned, the figures given are for the most part faithful to reality. We note the enormous progress made by the Measure application. The arrival of the LiDAR scanner is certainly no stranger to this.

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