Find My Mobile locates your smartphone even when it’s offline

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Just like the app Locate for iPhone, Samsung’s Find My Mobile app has been designed to help you locate your phone or tablet remotely, back up your data to the cloud, delete content from your smartphone and block access if lost or theft.

And for it to work, this kind of applications whether on iPhone or on an Android smartphone require a Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G / 5G network connection and this means that if your phone is in an area without network coverage, you will have no way to locate and find it with the application Find My Mobile for users who have a smartphone Samsung galaxy, nor with Locate for those who have an iPhone or iPad.

But, and fortunately Samsung is changing the game by rolling out an update to the Find My Mobile application to allow its users to locate their Galaxy phones and tablets even offline and without the need to have an internet connection on the lost smartphone. or stolen.

This latest update of the application (version therefore adds the possibility of locating your device remotely even if it is offline thanks to other Galaxy devices connected and which are normally close to your smartphone. lost or stolen.

The update Find My Mobile also concerns the search and location of Samsung Galaxy Watch connected watches, as well as Galaxy Buds Live if they were connected to your phone.

This new feature was discovered by one of the members of the XDA-Developper forum.

As a reminder, Samsung’s Find My Mobile application allows you to locate or erase the data on your device from your computer, and in the event of loss or theft, to lock your device remotely using a PIN code, also to do ring your mobile device remotely, retrieve your call logs remotely and finally reset your mobile device remotely

Source : XDA-Developers

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