Find free apps and games for a limited time

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Most of the best apps are paid. However, to attract new customers, some publishers are offering their apps and games for free for a limited time. Obviously, the biggest difficulty is finding these promotions. Here are some tips for finding these paid apps that have become free.

Get the best apps temporarily free

The Play Store is by far the most popular app store in the world. It contains hundreds of thousands of free games and software. But beware not all of them are worth downloading. Some paid apps outperform alternative models funded by advertising or in-app purchases.

Problem, the product alone is not enough to sell. You would think that designing a quality mobile application is the shortest route to success. It is not so. Selling an app or a game has become very difficult. Competition has intensified.

Publishers must redouble their inventiveness to get people talking about their products. Some do not hesitate to offer their games or apps for free for a limited time (usually a few days).

These operations not only create a buzz but above all increase the number of active users. Also note that this is not a trial version or restricted applications. You will enjoy all the services offered by the software free of charge.

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