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We receive daily multiple messages from our relatives, friends and acquaintances on WhatsApp. For this reason, looking for an old message in these long conversations seems impossible.

However, the new whatsapp search engine offers to android users a new feature, which helps them to filter thousands of messages in a few clicks for easily find very specific information.

The option of filter messages already exists in several mailboxes such as Messenger, and finally WhatsApp also added this option to its search engine. Today, you can easily search in your conversations: a recipe sent by your mom, a restaurant your friend recommended, or your boyfriend’s first declaration of love.

You will notice that as soon as the latest update of WhatsApp, when you press the magnifying glass at the top of the page you will see a new menu that contains different filters : photos, videos, links, GIF, Audio and documents. Thus, your search will be filtered not only by the keyword typed but also according to the type of file selected.

If the new whatsapp search feature is still not active on your Android make sure to update your WhatsApp application from the following link:

  1. Whatsapp messenger

    Whatsapp messenger

    WhatsApp is an application of communication famous all over the world. The app is designed to send pictures, videos of voice messages and any type of media file.

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