Fairphone 3 review: the return of the responsible phone

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“We care for people and planet”

Launched in 2013, Fairphone is already in its third iteration. The idea is to ensure the design of a responsible phone from the extraction of mineral resources to its end of life, to fight against planned obsolescence. Easy, isn’t it?

Concretely, Fairphone makes the effort to control the origin of materials for his cell phone and designed a modular phone, allowing users to easily replace different components. Their goal is to do last the phone as long as possible while providing the necessary support to keep the software up to date. And for the first time, the company is offering its own operating system: Fairphone Open Source OS.

And in parallel, Fairphone works with its suppliers to improve working conditions, remuneration and career opportunities for workers involved in the construction of the smartphone. A good example of fair trade from A to Z.

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