Facebook Watch: What it is and how to use it

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Facebook Watch is Facebook’s video-on-demand service that combines aspects of its video sharing functionality with premium content. It allows creators to upload their own short and long videos, but it also includes original comedies, dramas, and news shows. The service is free, but it requires a Facebook account.

What is Facebook Watch?

Facebook Watch is integrated with Facebook, can be viewed through Main Facebook site and Facebook app on mobile platforms and streaming devices. It can be found on its own Watch tab, which is similar to the Marketplace and Messenger tabs.

Facebook Watch is not a cable replacement service. It’s more like YouTube than YouTube TV, because it doesn’t include live TV from networks or cable channels. It also has a lot in common with Instagram TV, which is Instagram’s entry into the YouTube-dominated realm of user-generated content.

Facebook Watch includes a mix of user-generated and professionally produced content that Facebook pays to produce. It’s a bit like YouTube Premium, which includes regular YouTube videos and exclusive original shows, but Facebook Watch is free.

Facebook Watch is available on the desktop website, smartphones, and other devices such as the Amazon Fire TV and Xbox One.

To use Facebook Watch, you need a Facebook account. While you can technically navigate to the page for a Facebook Watch show and play the video without an account, this will result in multiple pop-up messages urging you to sign up for Facebook.

Unlike Messenger, which requires you to download an additional app, you can access Facebook Watch from the main Facebook app. The exception is Microsoft, which has a separate Facebook Watch app for Windows.

  1. Access Facebook.com or start application Facebook.
  2. In the left menu bar, select Watch. On mobile, tap the menu icon (three vertical lines), and then tap Watch.
  3. Select a show or video.

Facebook Watch is like Messenger or Marketplace, in that it is heavily integrated with Facebook, but there is one more thing that is separate from the main news feed.

It has no channels. Facebook Watch is closer to YouTube. Each show has a show page where you can find all the episodes, learn more about them, see what others think about the show, and interact with other viewers.

Facebook Watch offers a variety of content from creators who use the platform in the same way creators use YouTube and Instagram TV. If you follow the creators of these platforms, there is a chance you will find them on Facebook Watch as well.

In addition to user-generated content, the service also funds Facebook Originals in the same vein as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. This exclusive content includes original comedy and theater shows, game shows, talk shows and news broadcasts.

It also includes live sports content from MLB, WWE, PGA, college football, and other sources.

Once you’ve opened Facebook Watch, you have a few ways to find videos:

  • Editor’s Choice: Some of the most popular Facebook Watch videos are available through a large banner at the top of the main Facebook Watch site. Select the arrow on the right side of the banner to move through these options.
  • Top picks: Facebook Watch has an algorithm that attempts to find videos that will interest you based on your location, interests, hobbies, and videos you have watched in the past. The rest of the main Facebook Watch site is populated with these automatically chosen videos.
  • Research: Select the field Video search and type the name of a show you are looking for. For example, type ” Sorry For Your Loss « would highlight the exclusive facebook watch show of the same name.
  • List ofmonitoring: If you select Follow video or broadcast, it is added to your watchlist. You can select the latest videos or videos recorded in the section Watchlist from Facebook Watch to access these shows whenever you want.
  • Facebook Watch News: The News tab contains live and previously recorded news videos from local and national sources. If you want to watch some quick news videos, this is the place to look.
  • Facebook Watch Shows: This is where you’ll find the shows that make up most of the content on Facebook Watch. You can scroll through the editor’s choices, look through all of the shows to see if something is interesting, or search for something specific.
  • Games: This section is a little more specialized since it represents Facebook’s alternative to Twitch and Youtube Gaming. This is the section of Facebook Watch where you’ll find both live game streams and previously recorded videos from some of your favorite streamers.

Does Facebook Watch have ads or pay creators?

Facebook Watch has two different ways for creators to monetize their videos: Audience Network and Ad Break. Both of these methods involve inserting advertisements or short advertisements in videos. If you watch a video on Facebook Watch, and the creator has monetized it, you will need to watch ads during the video.

  • Audience network: It is aimed at major publishers and creators of applications and games. It can be used to display ads from Facebook advertisers in apps, on websites, in Facebook instant articles, and in games, not just videos.
  • Ad Break: It is aimed specifically at creators who upload videos to Facebook Watch. To monetize your videos with Ad Break, your Facebook page must meet a number of parameters, including a minimum number of fans and a minimum number of minutes watched per video over a specific duration.

Can anyone upload to facebook watch?

Anyone can upload videos to Facebook, but not all of those videos end up on Facebook Watch. If you want your videos to display in Facebook Watch, you need to upload them using a Page, not your personal account.

While Facebook Watch shares some similarities with YouTube and Instagram TV, you can’t just sign up for Facebook, create a Page for your show, and then expect your videos to show up on the service.

Here are some tips to help your videos show up on Facebook Watch:

  • Start a Facebook page: If you don’t already have a Facebook page, you need it. This is different from your personal account, even if you name the page after yourself. The more followers your page has, and the more engagement you have with your fans, the more likely your show is to be picked up by Facebook Watch.
  • Don’t use excessive promotion: Don’t upload videos that play as direct advertisements for your business or products. If you have a business and your Facebook page promotes that business, your videos might be related to the same domain, but they should be informational or entertaining.
  • Create videosProfessional News: Not all Facebook Watch videos are going to win Emmy Awards, but they must be of a higher production quality than the average YouTube video.
  • Produce multiple videos: If you have a bunch of videos ready to go, Facebook Watch is more likely to include your videos.

Facebook surveillance evenings

Vision Parties is a Facebook feature that allows group members to come together and watch the same video, or a whole list of videos, together. The video is synchronized, so everyone is watching at the same time, and you can also chat about what’s going on in real time by typing in a chat field in the facebook watch part window.

Facebook Watch Together

Similar to a watch party, Watch Together allows your friends to watch Facebook videos through video messenger chat and Messenger Rooms. This feature is available in the Messenger and Messenger Rooms mobile apps for iOS and Android.

To use Watch Together, start a Messenger video call or create a Messenger room. Then swipe up to access the menu and select Watch together. Choose a video from a category like TV & Movies or Downloaded. Facebook also offers suggestions based on your activities.

In a Messenger video call, you can watch with up to eight people, while Messenger rooms allow up to 50 people.

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