Facebook Story: 5 steps to put on music

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As on Instagram, in addition to being able to share photo publications, Facebook also allows you to put stories on the front page.

To personalize them, it is even possible to add the music of your choice and whether on iOS or Android, the steps to follow are the same. We detail them in this tutorial

How to add music to my story on Facebook

To add sound, or excerpts of your favorite music to your story Facebook is quite simple and you just have to go through your mobile application.

  • Once the app is open, go to the tab Welcome
  • At the top left of the screen, tap Create a story with the + icon
  • Select Music
  • Choose the sound you like the most
    You will see proposals appear, but if you already know which one to add then you just have to do a search
  • Select a photo or video from your gallery.

You will then see the music lyrics appear. To change the display, simply touch them several times. To change the color, press the color circle at the top of the screen. Finally, if you prefer, then you can also choose to display the album art.

Are you satisfied with the rendering of your story? It’s time to publish it by simply touching To share.

If you can’t find this feature, then feel free to update your app. You may also have to wait to dispose of it.

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