Everything you need to know about the Apple One bundle

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Every year in September Apple organizes a keynote to present its new products (iPhone, iPad or iWatch). And like every edition, this event has its share of surprises. This latest edition was marked by the presentation of the all-in-one Apple One subscription. Prices, content services, pack features, here is the detailed presentation of Apple’s bundle subscription offer.

Presentation of Apple One packs

Are you on the lookout for good consumption plans? New modes of consumption (hard discount, online subscription sharing) have become commonplace. Economic crisis obliges, the big brands and the distributors play the card of the promotions.

The Apple company has just launched a new bundled subscription offer called Apple One. As its name suggests, this new service offers to group your various Apple services (music, online storage games) into a single pack.

The Apple One offer is structured around three packs (Individual, Family and Premier). Prices start at 14.95 euros per month and go up to 30 euros per month. But beware, the Premier subscription is not available in France.

Apple One Individual

The first pack called Individual is offered at 14.95 euros per month. The latter includes Apple Music (music streaming), tv + (video streaming service), Arcade (video game service) and iCloud with 50 GB of storage space.

Purchased separately, these online services would cost you a little over 20 euros per month. From a financial point of view, Apple One Individual will therefore save you up to 6 euros per month. This represents savings far from negligible.

Apple One Family

For fans of Apple’s family sharing services, the Cupertino company offers the Apple One Family. This pack includes the 4 online services available in the Individual offer but it is possible for up to 6 members of their family to benefit from them (the holder of the subscription plus 5 other members of their family).

The savings are around 8 euros per month, or about 96 euros per year. Note that for people who have taken out a family subscription to Apple Music and Apple tv +, for the same price with Apple One Family, they will also have 200 GB of storage on iCloud and Apple Arcade.

The Apple One Premier pack is available in Australia, Canada, UK, but not France. This is explained by the fact that the Apple News + service has not yet been deployed in France. As a reminder, this paid press service allows you to consult more than 300 magazines and newspapers. Here is an indicative list of services offered with Apple One Premier (for 6 people)

  • Apple Music
  • Apple tv +
  • Apple Arcade
  • iCloud with 2 Tb of storage
  • Apple News +
  • Apple Fitness + (various guided workouts for the Apple Watch available from this fall)

A 30-day free trial will be offered to people wishing to take out a first subscription. Another important detail, Apple One is accessible from an Android smartphone or tablet. This will allow you to enjoy the Music streaming service on any phone.

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