Error while charging iPhone battery percentage – what to do?

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At the time, we were already analyzing possible solutions to your iPhone battery drain, talking about cases in which these devices saw exaggerated wear and tear while in use. Well, now many Apple phone owners are realizing a error while charging iPhone battery percentage, a similar bug but with some differences. We teach you what to do then to get rid of it.

The truth is, when you are using your phone, you will notice that the battery is bad from time to time. You can conclude this because you are losing your range too quickly or, as we said, because the percentage indicated by the rest is charging too slowly. We will deal with this in these lines.

Causes of error while charging iPhone battery percentage

The most common cause of this symptom is that your battery has been used too long, or your battery is not of good quality, which is unlikely if talking about California terminals, or it is due to bad usage habits like like using it while charging, plugging the phone in overnight to charge, etc.

Normally, these bad habits cause the battery to show a percentage of charge out of phase with respect to the charging time. From there we can leave the equipment on charge for two or three hours, we will never receive the notification that, indeed, its autonomy is at its maximum.

That being said, there are three main causes for the error while charging the iPhone battery percentage:

  • Software Conflict: Software conflict is one of the most common obstacles encountered on iPhone. It usually appears after downloading applications and software that are incompatible or not certified by Cupertino. As a result, iPhone freezes, its battery drains, etc. Try to delete this app as soon as possible to recover the positive feelings from your smartphone in this way.
  • The charger isn’t genuine: Apple has stopped including its chargers in the boxes it sells its phones in, which can lead many to using knockoffs to save money. That’s a very bad idea. The only thing you will get is to require the battery. And it won’t take long to spoil yourself completely.
  • Constant operation and charging: This is not normal, of course, but if for some reason you are enjoying your iPhone for more than 10 hours a day and charging it accordingly, you can lead it to this compromised situation.
  • IPhone 2 battery percentage error

    What can be done to make it work properly again?

    Now the question you will ask yourself now is, “What can I do to make it work properly again?” Well, there are a few things you should consider:

    Restart the device

    When you see that the battery percentage doesn’t really indicate how long it has been charged, restart your mobile to see if that keeps the failure going. Sometimes this is an effective method.

    Check the power

    If the power supply is unreliable or not professional installation, we suggest you check it with a person with sufficient knowledge. Either way, if you can’t do this and you’re in a hurry, find another outlet with a reliable electrical connection. Your iPhone will thank you.

    Use the original charger

    Needless to say, if you are one of the people who used a replica charger, you should immediately replace it with an original charger. Better than having to buy a new smartphone, right?

    Charge the battery correctly

    During the charging process, try not to continue using the mobile as it is not doing you a favor. The device tends to overheat and the natural battery cycles may be shortened more than you realize.

    Replace the battery

    Sometimes it’s too late to save battery power, but you can still pretend you’ve got some good stuff. Of course, for this you will have to remove the old battery and place a new one. If it’s under warranty, you need to contact Apple to find official company service.

    Take it to a service center

    And, although it is not under warranty, we advise that if you have not been able to fix the problem on your own and want to keep your iPhone, take it to a specialist to help you. .

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