Error 0xc00d36fa, no audio device found

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The error 0xc00d36fa, no audio device found it can be quite boring. Audio on any type of device is essential to be able to have a full experience when using it. So, let’s see how to fix error 0xc00d36fa with three fairly simple but effective methods.

Cannot reproduce, error 0xc00d36fa

Obviously, the first thing we need to be very clear about is that the headphones or speakers are properly connected and working properly. We can try to connect them on another device, even on a cell phone and see if they work. It is something that we must always do. Regardless of whether we are dealing with error 0xc00d36fa, no audio device was found or not.

If they really work, it is because Windows is not detecting the audio device and it needs to be fixed by doing one of the methods you might like a little bit below.

Use a high definition audio device as the driver

As an administrator, we will have to open the “Device Manager” by pressing “Windows + X” and then the “M” key. In the list that we can see we will have to look for audio, video and game controllers. Now we click on the icon to the left of this section.

We right click on the audio device that is having problems and select “Update Driver”. Here we will see that we have two options: search for drivers automatically or from the computer. We will select the second option.

Here we will be able to install the driver from our computer. But we’re going to choose the option “Let me choose from a list of device drivers on my computer” and we’re going to have to choose “High definition audio device” or “High definition audio device” and we click finish.

Finally, we simply restart the computer and the audio device should work.

Try another USB connection

On many occasions, it happens that some speakers come with a jack connection and another USB. What we need to do is connect to another USB port to check if it works. Many times this simple solution solves everything.

Run the audio troubleshooter

We will open Windows Settings by pressing “Win ​​+ I” key, then we will go to Update & Security> Troubleshooting> Additional Troubleshooting.

We are going to find and select the audio playback problem solver, then we will need to click on run said solver. Here we will have to wait for Windows to take care of fixing this problem. Sometimes you can make changes to the settings.

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