equipment that has become essential for everyday life

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In recent years, we have seen a meteoric rise of a mini device that has become an essential ally in everyday life! Computers are then left aside for the benefit of the tablet both in the office and at home. Among the most popular tablet models on the market, Windows tablets have won the hearts of fans ofinnovative tool because of their design and ease of use. But faced with a variety of powerful and easy-to-use models, the choice can quickly become difficult. Find our advice below to avoid buying the model that will not meet your needs,.

Dimensions and weight of the device

Buy a windows tablet is not an easy task when you are not a digital expert. This is why, you must have in mind a list of criteria to ensure that the chosen model meets your expectations. The size and weight of the tablet are among the first things to check.


The market offers two main dimensions of Windows tablets:

  • The 10-inch model which is designed for home use such as browsing the internet or watching a movie;
  • The 12-inch model which is rather designed for professional activities, because it is equipped with a stylus and a keyboard.


The question of weight is entirely linked to the device size. Besides, users don’t want to be cluttered with a heavy tablet but rather have a tool that can be taken anywhere. Depending on the size chosen, the weight of a tablet is generally between 700 g and 1 kg.

Operating system

For a Windows tablet, the integrated operating system is obviously that of Windows. If the Windows store is considered the poorest in applications, we must not forget that Windows tablets are known for their different characteristics and innovative functions, especially if they have Windows 10. In addition, Windows 10 is available in family version and professional so that everyone can use it daily. In addition, if Windows tablets are equipped with a Windows operating system, the model of Dual Boot tablet Also called dual OS tablet has the advantage of being equipped with a dual operating system consisting of Windows 10 and Android.

Screen resolution

Screen resolution is considered a crucial point when choosing a tablet, especially if its daily use is based on visual applications. Indeed, for the comfort of the eyes, watching a movie or playing a game requires Full HD screens that offer high definition images. The more sophisticated models even offer a high-end resolution up to 4K for the happiness of users. If the use of the device is focused on other activities, you can choose a tablet with a lower resolution.

RAM and storage memory

Below are the other characteristics of the product.


When choosing a tablet, the question of RAM is always to be checked. Also called RAM, the role of this random access memory is to make the execution of a task fast in the manner of laptops. Usually a Windows tablet has 2 GB to 6 GB of RAM. While the 2GB model is sufficient for home use, higher RAM is needed for business tasks.

Storage memory

Like a laptop, a Windows tablet often offers variable internal memory depending on the model. Ranging from 32 GB to 256 GB, each device is equipped with a micro SD memory card to be able to increase the memory.

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