Download ShowBox Alternatives on iPhone / iPad and Android

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Here are the best Showbox alternatives for iOS 11 + / 10 + / + 8 + 7 + on iPhone, iPad and Android without Jailbreak. Watch paid movies and latest movies and stream on these Showbox alternatives without any payment.

Hello guys, Today we come again with another interesting article on ShowBox alternatives for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Are you facing issues with the preinstalled ShowBox app and looking for the best ShowBox alternative apps to watch the latest paid movies and shows on your iPhone, iPad and Android device. Then you have come to the right place because here we are providing you with a list of online streaming apps.

Basically all of these streaming app listings are free and open source Tweaks available at no cost and allow us to watch content without showing any issues. So read on.

Alternatives to ShowBox (PC: Teatv)

Download and Install the 8 Best Showbox Alternatives for iOS on iPhone / iPad and Android

1. Popcorn Time for iPhone, iPad

Popcorn Time is a wide range of apps for online streaming, it has huge fans all over the world because that offers many latest pay TV movies and shows without any cost.

The compactable Popcorn time streaming app for iOS and Android devices that offers content in HD quality resolutions such as 720p, 1080p and 1920p.

Interesting features in popcorn time:

  • Watch pirated movies and pay movies, shows, at no cost.
  • No VPN is required.
  • It updates their database regularly so get fresh content on the app.

Install PopCorn Time

2. Crackle for Android

If you are a big fan of Hollywood movies then try this Crackle app which is the most popular streaming app for latest Hollywood movies and TV shows as well as the best alternative to Showbox.

Cool features about Crackle:

  • Account creation is not required.
  • Stream Premium Shows & Movies for Free from Crackle Library.
  • Save your favorite movies and shows to the Watch Later list with just one click.

3. Bobby Movie HD

Bobby Movie is a wonderful application for streaming movies online, at the same time the best alternative to ShowBox and Play Box Tweaks. The Bobby Movie App Designed with a pleasant interface to meet user needs

I have personally tried Bobby Movie on my iPhone 5s device which works great and you can also try this amazing entertainment app from my previous article.

Cool features about Bobby Movie:

  • Add your favorite movies and shows to your favorites, then watch your free time.
  • It offers excellent image quality.
  • These automatically sort the content according to different genres.
  • Easy navigation and useful app for free streaming.

Install Bobby Movie

4. Movie HD for iOS

Movie HD is a recently launched streaming app that comes from the same designers of Sky HD and Cinema HD. Initial Day, it was available on the Cydia Jailbreak store, but after a while due to its huge popularity, the designers release its non-jailbreak version for us.

HD movie works the same as the apps mentioned above like online content offers without any subscription packs Download this amazing Tweak to your iPhone, iPad and Android without any cost or jailbreak.

Interesting HD Movie Features:

  • The developers update their database regularly for user satisfaction.
  • Get pirated movies and shows in high definition quality.
  • Compactable for all iOS and Android devices.

Install Movie HD

5. Cinema Box PB

The official Apple Store or other official platforms do not offer any content without payment. While the Cinema Box is one of the best high quality apps and with this app you can stream the best movies and trading shows without any cost.

If you are using an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, don’t worry as it can be compacted for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms and jailbreaking is not required.

Cool features on Cinema Box:

  • Watch paid movies and TV shows at no cost.
  • Built with great user interface.
  • Which offers subtitles in different languages.
  • Adjust video quality resolutions with just one click.

Install Cinema Box PB

6. PlayBox HD

There are many apps available for streaming movies and shows to iOS and Android devices. PlayBox HD is another online movie streaming app that allows us to watch paid movies and shows in high definition.

Cool features on PlayBox HD

  • You can quickly add favorite videos and movies to favorites.
  • PlayBox HD is compactable for Chrome Cast and Amazon Fire Stick.
  • It shows movies with subtitles in different languages.
  • It has a huge library of videos and movies.

Install PlayBox HD

7. MegaBox HD

MegaBox is another most popular movie streaming for Android devices only and offers a huge collection of paid movies and shows without any subscription packages. you can stream these contents to your android smartphone, we just need one good internet connection. The Mega Box database is updated regularly. It is therefore possible to broadcast new content.

Interesting features on MegaBox HD:

  • It allows you to watch movies and shows through other apps like MX Player and VLC Player and Bore
  • Download movies and watch them in your spare time.
  • Watch content in different resolutions such as 420p, 720p, 1080 and 1920p.

8. Tubi TV:

It is the biggest and best site that provides the huge number of live movies and shows that users can enjoy without fear of copyright. As this app contains some of the best content which is not possible to stream in other apps. All devices can access this application which is a legal application.

As this app is legal, don’t be afraid if you intend to show it to other users. And the content available in this app cannot be found in any other app.

Interesting features of Tubi TV:

  • Huge content is available, over 20,000 titles are available in this app.
  • No need to worry about illegal issues as this is a legal application.
  • All content is available HIGH DEFINITION.
  • As the owner of the FOX Corporation, shows are available there.

These are the most important features that will set the app apart from others.


There you go, readers, we hope this article helps you find the best streaming for your device. Just try all these apps on your iPhone, iPad and Android device and watch pirated movies, paid movies and shows for no cost. If you like this post, just share it with your friends and family.

ShowBox isn’t working now, so it’s best to navigate to other alternatives for watching movies, TV shows, web series, and more. If you benefit from these alternatives, please do not hesitate to share this article with your friends and family. If ShowBox works, it’s the best at it, then give these ShowBox alternatives a try.

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