Download Rally Racer Drift for iOS: Rally Races on your iOS!

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Download Rally Racer Drift for iOS: Rally Races on your iOS!

If you want to enjoy a game with excellent graphics on your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone, itthere is a race course that will allow you to get behind the wheel in an excellent simulation. If you want to participate in this adventure, you must download Rally Racer Drift for iOS.

It’s about of a game that you can play both individually and in multiplayer mode. You will participate in the most realistic rally races, where you will have to perform the best drifts to win.

What is Rally Racer Drift offer for iOS?

Rally Racer Drift is a racing simulator capable of making us feel like we are part of a real car race. In this game we will be behind the wheel of the best rally cars that exist, so that we will be able to drift on multiple tracks while trying to get to the first place.

The controls of this game are very intuitive, it has 3D graphics and perfect handling for touch devices, which makes its gameplay very easy and comfortable. Just press a space on the left side of the screen to tilt the car in that direction. The same if you want it to tilt to the right. The object of the game is to get our car adrift.

The most striking thing about this game, besides what we have already mentioned, is that it is not the same as a simple car race, is that we don’t have to get to the start to win the race. In this game the only thing that really matters is to achieve the best drift of all, this way we will manage to add some points. Of course, the longer the drift, the more likely we are to get a place in the final.


This racing game is a lot of fun, that’s why you’ll probably want to download Rally Racer Drift for iOS. If you want to enjoy excellent graphics and a very addicting game, you have no problem, since you can find this game in itunes and it’s completely free. Let’s see how to download this game:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to connect to iTunes on your iOS device.
  2. Now you have to search for Rally Racer Drift, when you found it, you need to click on it to access app details.
  3. The next step is to locate the button Download, you need to tap on it so that it can start the download process.
  4. When the download is complete, you can open the game smoothly. What remains is to follow the instructions that appear so that you can start playing without any inconvenience.

If you have difficulty downloading Rally Racer Drift for iOS,try this link. You should also note that, this game asks as a requirement to have iOS version 6.0 or higher and an available storage space of at least 111 MB.


Find out how easy it is to download Rally Racer Drift for ios?. Now you can turn your device ios in a real racing simulator, just download this game and do the best drifts ever, find the number one spot and enjoy the victory.

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