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If you want to watch comics, animated movies and series on your iDevices, Android devices, download Manga Rock for iOS / Android.

Good morning all. How do you expect everything to be okay? Are you waiting for the new app which features sites available on the manga hack site that are not available on the other sites? These are the sites that provide the comics of the latest and old version of the comics that are advertised by the J-cast.

Manga Rock preview

In fact, these comics are not available, which means the closure. But people addicted to the old version of the comic are available on the Manga Rock site. So I will show you the best definition of it along with the features and how to download it. Come on, let’s go.

What is Manga Rock?

The most famous app known to be the most private app and also places your viewed sites and comics. It is the app which supports Android and iOS devices. Manga stops after providing the service for various reasons. Basement studio is one of the technology companies owned by Noizer Limited.

Manga Rock is the site that will analyze the available content and provide the same content on this site, all you need is a proper internet connection. And you can watch them online too and one of the best features was that Manga Rock will translate them into your preferred language.

As it scans the content of the other site, this is the reason why Manga Rock is declared illegal. Then everything revolves around Manga Rock and let’s know the characteristics of Manga Rock.

Main features of MangaRock

  • Large number of characters available in Manga Rock:

More than 9320 characters are available in the MangaRock because they are created in different types, they are different from each other and the special feature is the availability of the filter that shows the character we need, you just need to enter the name of the character then the app scans all characters and corrects the character you need, and also explains the character.

They will give a clear description of the character and it also contains the items over 18 characters which will ask for the login information and also need to correct the age as it is in the adult version.

All the content available in this Manga rock was in different languages ​​depending on their characters. You are interested in finding a particular character and all comics related to that character can be converted to your preferred language, this is a special feature that is not possible in any other site, it is possible with Manga Rock. So this is one of the reasons why the maximum number of users use this MangaRock site.

You just need to select the character about the one you are ready to add to your volunteer character. And among the options you have to select the language that you are ready to change to your preferred language …

The charges applied to watch the Manga rock site are free, there is no charge to use the Manga rock app as it is available in APK and also in third party apps. They are therefore free. Before it was available in the store at that time, it charges a certain amount ($ 4.99) before 2010 and then later because it does not follow the rules and regulations of the Play Store and also of the Apple Store. But after 2010 it is available in backend developers and third party apps. Its use is therefore free.

As the MangaRock site scans the content of all other paid sites, they are taking action against this Manga Rock site, so this is one of the main reasons why this MangaRock is illegal. If you want to watch these sites, all of you need to use the VPN when browsing Manga Rock sites.

If local internet providers observe that you are watching illegal content then they can take some serious action, then you have to face the serious problem, then it is better to use VPN to be saved from such serious problems.

These are the basic and most important features of MangaRock. This is the basic information that should be known to users before using it or downloading Manga Rock to your device and these are considered to be the best precautions for downloading MangaRock to your device.


  • Package name: “”
  • Licence: “Release”.
  • Requirements: “Android version 4.0 and above”.
  • BONE: “Android”.
  • Category: “comics”.
  • Languages: “Over 32+”.
  • Users: “2465237+” users

Download and install Manga Rock for iOS on iPhone?

The main version of MangaRock was available in the Apple Store before 2010, but after that it does not follow the rules and regulations of the store as it is now not available in the Apple Store, it is available in the only source which is only a third party application. you need to follow the procedure below to download and install on your iOS device. It can be installed by emulators

With the help of TuTuapp APK iOS (STORE) it is possible to download Manga rock on your iOS

  • First of all, you need to install the TuTuapp app on your iOS device.
  • Once the installation of the TuTuapp store is complete, follow the instructions below to download Manga rock.
  • I go to settings then to general and later to profile and management
  • Then come back to TutuApp from there
  • Enter the name “Manga rock” in the search field of the TuTuapp store.
  • Then allow the device to download and install the app with this TuTuTuApp
  • Finally, the Manga rock is available on the device and enjoys the comics

This is the only method to download the MangaRock on an iOS device.

Note: You cannot directly download third-party apps and PC apps to the Apple device. You need emulators or some stores like TuTuapp are needed to install these apps.

How to install Manga Rock on an Android device?

Before 2010, Manga Rock was available in the Play Store for $ 4.99, but after 2010, Manga Rock does not follow the rules and regulations of the Play Store. It must therefore be downloaded directly from the main site which must be searched for in the main portal of its site. And it’s free to download. So follow the instructions below to download Manga Rock on your device.

  • Start the system and open a browser such as Chrome.
  • Enter “Manga rock” in the browser’s search box.
  • Many portals appear after searching in the browser.
  • Then tap on the 1st available site in the middle of the page
  • Then download the latest version of Manga rock with a size of 36MB.
  • It is the APK application with premium services.
  • And open settings, then go to network and security
  • From this round, the “unknown source
  • Then launch the app on your device.
  • Finally, enjoy the comics of your liking.

This is the only process that you can download and install the MangaRock app on Android devices.

Final conclusion:

Manga Rock is an illegal app which will not support some of the devices because it scans the content of other apps and sticks on its site, so other apps will provide this site by charging part of the amounts, so it is illegal if other officials notice it. that you access this site, it may cause damage or else you should face severe penalties, so it is better to use a VPN when accessing this site.

Thanks geeks, hope all the information is very valuable to you and if not, please send me a comment on your query, i will show you the best solution for this problem. There you go guys are having a great day.

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