Download Landglide for Windows PC / Laptop or Android

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You or your business need to know who owns the property and where one property ends and another begins. Landglide is the best mobile app for your mobile phones, computer or tablet that immediately allows you to get property details while standing in any location. Hello Glad to see everything through this new topic and consider the topic to be a way to contact you and I will explain in a simple way that a normal person with minimal knowledge can solve the problem with the help of this article.

Warm wishes to all blog seekers. Hope everyone is doing good. Are you here for today’s topic? OK so can you guess what the topic is or can you even guess the related topic. Ha-ha sorry to confuse you. It was a little act just to make fun of it. Yeah come on, let’s get to the topic of the day and let me clear up your confusion. Here the subject is related to Landglide.

Description of Landglide?

The LandGlide app has been set up the “US Real Estate Portal” to provide the facility to real estate providers so that they can easily interact with potential consumers and grow their business. It is available in English.

Landglide preview

It works with your cellular data to find data of parcels in the area with property border covers. Your device’s GPS unites with the map to give you real-time, location-based skills.

This app is easy for consumers and suppliers, and they can receive details with just one click. You will have effortless access to complete building and owner information. Here you will get complete information about Landglide.

About Landglide:

LandGlide is a remarkably comprehensive field data mobile application. With the help of GPS technology, you can pinpoint your precise location; you can discover maps and use 150 million parcel data in over 3,000 counties, covering approximately 95% of the US population.

It is easy to use on your cell phones, computer, tablet, hover over the property, and LandGlide displays the property owner, address, plot ID, boundaries, sale price, school zone and much more. others. Unfortunately, LandGlide is only accessible on Windows and iOS.

In the integrated interface, it is possible to save assets, add notes by property and transfer your saved properties even when not connected to an offline internet connection.

With constant insight into data and GPS location based technology, LandGlide has become a vital device for real estate, efficiency, outdoor regeneration, energy, insurance, forestry, supply and developing industries.

Users can also try LandGlide for free for seven days! After your free trial, you can select a monthly subscription for $ 9.99 or an annual subscription for $ 99.99. Subscriptions will restart mechanically until deactivated by applicants.


  • Simple to use: this application is easy to use; tap the property option; the Landglide displays the owner’s information. It shows the knowledge, address, location and sale price of the owner.
  • Graphical interface: it offers every detail of the owner, the explanation of the building and detailed information about the property.
  • Get up-to-date information: It is constantly updating, which improves the functionality of the app and makes it more reliable.
  • Responsive: he is responsible when the applicant is on the property; it displays full property details including owner information, address and building explanation.
  • Offline use: If you are offline and want to use the data, Landglide allows the installation to display the information offline.
  • Storage: It allows to back up the data concerning any building and also offers the possibility to share or import the information to your friends and family members.
  • Find your location: it uses GPS to find your exact location and offers building details based on your area.
  • Inclusive app: this is the most inclusive app that offers parcel data with just one click. You can discover maps and use over 100 package records in over 3000 countries.
  • Property Boundaries: It will display the positions of properties to discriminate each person’s property so that they can easily choose between buildings.
  • Use Big Data: To use more building details, LandGlide offers the option to discover more plot data.

These are the most vital features of LandGlide which will help you and the users to know the ways to install and access this LandGlide. It is easily accessible to all devices, even if it is linked to windows and iOS, etc.

How to download Landglide?

  • To download Landglide from the official website, first go to the official website
  • On the home page, select the “Download from App Store or Download from Google Play” button.
  • Then, on the next page, select the “Install” button. The installation of the LandGlide app will only take a few seconds.

How do I install the Landglide for PC?

First install BlueStacks on a Windows / Mac computer:

  • If you want to use an Android app on your PC, the first one you need is an Android emulator. BlueStacks is an extremely famous Android emulator, and it is easy to install. You need to follow these simple steps below to download BlueStacks:
  • First, log into the official BlueStacks website and download the file.
  • Now use the installer and select a folder where you want to install Bluestacks.
  • Once the installation procedure is complete, start the BlueStacks emulator.
  • If this is your first time using Bluestacks, you need to sign in to the Google Play Store account to complete the installation process.

On a Windows computer:

You can effortlessly install LandGlide on your Windows computer. But you need to install an Android emulator to run the app. If you have Android Emulator installed on your Windows computer, follow these simple instructions:

  • First of all, use the Android emulator from your Windows computer and log into the Google Play Store and search for “LandGlide” in the Play Store.
  • Now download and install it from the store, or
  • If you have the APK file on the Windows computer, upload it to Android Emulator to install the app.
  • Now start the LandGlide app and use it on a Windows computer.

On a Mac computer:

To install LandGlide on your Mac computer, you need the Android emulator. If you have an Android emulator installed on your Mac computer, then follow the simple instructions:

  • First of all, launch the Android emulator from your Mac computer.
  • Now, log into the Google Play Store.
  • Find the “LandGlide” in Google Play Store, then install it.
  • If you have LandGlide APK on your Mac computer, tap and drop the APK file into the emulator to download or install it.
  • Now use LandGlide on a Mac computer.

This is how Landglide is useful for all kinds of weather devices, it can be linked to iOS and Android devices.

Landglide FAQ

1.Is it possible to install in all devices.?

Yes, these are the methods explained above and it can be installed in an easy way by just following the above procedure.

2.Are there any special features available in this app?

All application files contain special features that are not available in any of the other applications.

3.Is there a charge for rendering all services to users?

No, not even a single penny is charged by the user for rendering all the services to all the users.

These are the most frequently asked questions by the large number of users and the answers are given by the diverse range of the most experienced people and also with my own experience. The answers are therefore more valid and precise. If there are still questions, feel free to ask by dropping the doubt in your comments box.

Final conclusion:

LandGlide is a free app that lets you search maps of the United States with overlapping grouped restrictions and qualities of nearly 140 million properties. With regular updates of details and innovations based on GPS area, LandGlide has become an indispensable device for land, utility, living, outdoor entertainment, security, ranger facility, transport and crisis. Ask all about LandGlide. We will try to give answers to your problems.

Thanks geeks, hope all the information is very valuable to you and if not, please send me a comment on your query, i will show you the best solution for this problem. There you go, guys are having a great day of your life.

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