Download Kodi Isengard V15.2 Open Source for Windows / Android

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If you want to get further improvements for the most used media center namely Kodi, download Kodi Isengard v15.2 for Windows and Android Apk.

What is Kodi Isengard V15.2

XBMC Media Center is now known as Kodi. And just like Gotham is the codename for XBMC v13, Helix is ​​the codename for Kodi v14, v15 is also known by its codename Isengard. This is the new version of Kodi / XBMC. To maintain program stability and quickly adapt to media changes, the Kodi team released this version.

Well, it’s been common to release bug fixes in recent years, and without breaking compatibility with add-ons, skins, and adapting other changes, users get these fixes. Some of the bugfixes in Kodi Isengard are shared below:

Preview of Kodi Isengard V15.2

Kodi Isengard fixes

  • Fixed crash when playing FLAC files.
  • PulseAudio enhancements for Linux
  • Memory leak in BlueRay fixed
  • Fixed subtitles for Micro DVD
  • Fixed multiple image issue in layouts
  • Improved refresh rate change for Android
  • Fix continuous partition check on Android
  • Fixed default song sorting on UPnP

With the new version, major changes are also introduced, but the team has gone to great lengths to minimize breakage of skins, smartphone / tablet remotes, add-ons and many other similar items. So that means version 15 (Isengard) is a semi-major Kodi update. But because it supports a lot of new features, new code, and improvements, it is larger than the typical bug fix version. So let’s see what new features this version supports.

New features of Kodi Isengard

  1. During video playback, user can easily navigate audio and its selection of subtitles.
  2. The options for internationalization and regional setting of the graphical interface are also improved and developed.
  3. Through audio and video playback, adaptive jumping is also added, also known as step jumping.
  4. A chapter selection window with visual thumbnails is also added.
  5. To customize the audio library, music_nodes is available.
  6. Automatically skips to a TV show, which is first left unviewed.
  7. Non-library video files can now support watched masking.
  8. When the PVR server supports PVR add-ons, it will use zero configuration to configure itself automatically.
  9. The default touchscreen skin is now supported with PVR / Live TV.
  10. The context menu can now also support add-ons.
  11. UPnP is also improved, which includes support for external subtitles.
  12. When the user updates the existing TV shows, new season posters will be added automatically.
  13. This version also supports subtitle download, which automatically downloads the first result of the subtitle search.
  14. Fixed crash when playing FLAC files.
  15. PulseAudio enhancements for Linux
  16. Fixed subtitles for Micro DVD
  17. Fix continuous partition check on Android
  18. Memory leak in BlueRay fixed
  19. Fixed multiple image issue in layouts
  20. Improved refresh rate change for Android
  21. Fixed default song sorting on UPnP
  22. Fix incompatible MySQL queries
  23. Updated PVR add-ons: TvHeadend HTSP and Myth TV
  24. Fixed multiple images in group lists
  25. To easily find and manage add-ons, the add-ons manager is enhanced with better categorization.
  26. Fix video rewind on Windows
  27. Fixed volume setting for XBOX controllers
  28. Scan library uses file time which can speed up scan times on a 32 bit platform
  29. Fixes freezing when winning 32 in outdoor mode
  30. Troubleshoot Amlogic zoom issues on Android
  31. When setting / changing regions, it correctly sets the time format
  32. Rescue fix for the nb_no language
  33. Fixed the last artist in the empty album.

Here are some apps that can be installed on Android devices

Those are

1. VLC media player




5.MX player

and here as clearly mentioned the features of the above apps as follows

Features of Vlc player:

  • The VLC player will allow you to enjoy both audio and video files.
  • Online content is not available in these apps
  • All downloaded files can watch or listen to these files.
  • It’s free and is only 20MB in size, so it’s easily stored because it’s less bulky.

Features of Kore: –

  • This is the official application that will be accessible on Android devices.
  • It contains built-in solution bots.
  • This helps keep the subtitles in sync with the files while watching or listening.
  • It acts as the official remote control for the KODI app.

Features of Yaste: –

  • The 2nd official remote for the KODI app if the Kore fails, it will replace this location.
  • It has the voice command function as the commands are accessible by voice.
  • All of the controls for the KODI app are in the Yaste.
  • Several optional features available in the yaste application.
  • It only takes up 10MB of space in your device.

Features of SPMC

  • The performance of the SPMC works like that of KODI.
  • As it occupies the space of 20MB in your device.
  • Can watch movies and some series in this app.
  • It is free and costs less space and not a single penny required to use the app.

MX Player Features

  • It is similar app to VLC player and the best VLC player alternative.
  • All files in MP3, audio and MP4 format can be viewed with this app.
  • It provides the best and correct audio and video version of the files.
  • Zoom is available even for MP4 files and also video files.
  • Lock screen and child safety is also available in this app.

Download Kodi v15.2 Isengard | Open source

Well, to fill the TV subscription void, Kodi users are looking for the best addon and this is the biggest and most daily challenge for them. They can fill the void of their favorite TV shows as well as movies with popular addons like 1Channel, Genesis, Spot MC and many more. But users may face some issues with other addons. So we have found a better addon for you which we think is better than any other IPTV service. Well, the IPTV stalker is the one that turns out to be a great plugin.

To install live TV on your Kodi box, you need to install the actual add-on. So, let’s see how you can install it on your device.

  • First, open the Kodi home screen. Go to settings and head to the system menu.
  • Now select the Add-ONS menu option.
  • Navigate to the Zip file and press Install
  • Now select the name of the source, which you must have added.
  • Here you will find a collection of folders supporting different options and addons.
  • Although you can select any of these folders, we suggest you go for the IPTV folder.
  • Select this folder and you will find a zip file inside. Install the file.
  • Once the installation process is complete, you will receive a notification.
  • Now select Install from Repository on the same screen as you.
  • Now the addon will become visible that you have installed. To open, select iVue TV Guide add-on.
  • Click on Video Add-ons.
  • Now install TECBOX IVUE WIZARD
  • Now select the IPTV stalker and install it.
  • Voila, you have now added the two plugins to get live TV

KODI media player alternatives like this year

  1. Movie4u:

It is the last application which can be played through KODI Media Player. If this TincklePad Addon app fails to install on your device, it will replace this app. All the same features are also available in this app.

  1. SeeHD:

SeeHD app will be next to the app as it offers the best quality of movies, almost all new archived movies are available in this app. These qualities of this app allow this app to stay next to the TincklePad app

  1. Yes Movies:

Another alternative to the TincklePad app. You can search all movies in the search box of this YesMovies app. TV and files related to your staff are also available in this Yesmovies app.

These are the most advanced alternatives of the TincklePad app. Like this year, all advanced features are available there.

Final verdicts

So, guys, here is the complete guide on Kofi Isengard. Well, we hope you now know what exactly Kodi Isengard is. Well, we’ve shared its bug fixes and the latest added features. So we hope you now have it installed on your device. And we also shared the best addon.

So if you were worried about its addon and looking for it then you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. This guide will surely help you a lot. So guys, it’s all in this article. If you are looking for more details, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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