Download Fallout Shelter Apk on Android, iOS, Windows

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If you want to play Fallout Shelter game, download Fallout Shelter Apk on Windows, Android and iOS devices to enjoy the gaming experience.

Learn more about Fallout Shelter:

Hello friends, this one of game lovers, when you feel boring with similar games and looking for something different, let you try these games name like ” Fallout shelterIt won the DICE Award in 2016. Just follow this Fallout Shelter guide to get Fallout games unlocked.

  • Disclaimer: We are providing this article for educational purposes only, so never abuse this article for commercial purposes. If you do, you may face a breach from the original app developers.

The Fallout shelter is the free paid app available on multiplatforms iOS / Android / PC / XBOX ONE, but this app is the best for Android / iOS. Because it offers the best gaming features for gamers. For installation, no jailbreak is required as it is available on the official iTunes / Play Store.

Fallout Shelter preview

What is Fallout Shelter?

Fallout Shelter is one of the most popular game apps where players build and manage their own safe as an overseer and players have to build their own safe to safely lead citizens and keep them happy. giving needs such as energy, food and water. Ok, let’s read more on how to download Fallout Shelter Apk for Android, Windows or iOS devices.

Fallout Shelter game is compatible with almost all smart devices like Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7, Android without root, iOS 12 + / 11 + / 10 + / 9 + / 8 + / 7 + without jailbreak. This game will improve your leadership qualities, where you can lead the whole team. At the start of the game you will get a task, you need to complete it with your own talent.

Requirements to download and install Fallout Shelter Apk:


  • Android system version must be 4.1+.
  • For ios user No Jailbreak required.
  • Much better internet connection.
  • USB cables and computers are not required.
  • Cydia impactor not required.
  • It consumes almost 2 GB of disk space for the complete installation.

How to download Fallout Shelter for PC / Mac, Android, iOS:

The Fallout Vault is a free cross-platform application. No jailbreak and rooting not required for installation. But this app is mainly designed for iOS / Android users. When it comes to PC, it consumes almost 1.4GB of disk space for a full install, so it’s nothing but a great application. Although it cannot collect any system information and does not make any changes to the PC. This means that it is safe to use.

Before moving on to the installation steps, let me tell you about some cool features of the Fallout Shelter app that can help you choose this app or not.

Features of the Fallout Shelter app:

  1. Available on cross-platform, Android, iOS and Windows.
  2. For iOS, no jailbreak is required.
  3. Free category game application section.
  4. For Android, no rooting is required.
  5. Although it may be available on the Apple Store / Google Play Store.
  6. Safe and secure application.
  7. For Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / 7.
  8. Works on iOS 7 + / 8 + / 9 + / 10 + / 11 + / 12 +.
  9. Windows system having 64 bits.
  10. For Windows, Ram should be 1+. (Recommended for all)

Download Fallout Shelter for free on iOS / iPhone / iPad without jailbreak:

Fallout Shelter for iOS is officially available on iTunes. So you can easily download and install this game on your device without jailbreaking.

>> Step 1) Before the installation process, open “Settings” >> “General” >> “Time and date” >> “Automatically adjust” >> “Turn it off”.

Option Check-Set-Automatically

Check the option Set automatically

>> Step 2) Open iTunes on the device.

>> Step 3) Find the Fallout Shelter app and download it.

>> Step 4) Press “Install”Button. Now the app is added to your home screen.

>> Step 5) Have lunch the application, it displays a pop-up like “Untested enterprise developer”.

>> Step 6) Then go to “Settings” >> “Profile” >> “CMN-VIET NAM ONLINE” >> select app tap on it, now displays pop to trust app >> tap again on “Trust” button.

>> Step 7) Return to home screen, launch the app again.

>> Step 8) Now play the game.

Download Fallout Shelter Apk for Android:

Before the download and installation process, you must enable unknown sources on the device. To do this, follow the steps below.

Open “Settings” >> security or “Security” profile >> “Unknown sources” >> turn it on “Enable”.

Enable unknown sources on Android

Enable unknown sources

  • Open the Google Play Store and search for this app.
  • If you can’t find the Play Store, don’t worry, I have another link for you.

Download APK

  • Open the page and tap on the download option.
  • Now the file is added to the download task list.
  • Wait a bit, because this is a heavy game.
  • Make sure the game is downloaded.
  • Find the downloaded file and tap on it.
  • Now it shows the pop-up window for installation. Press the install button again.
  • Then the file was successfully installed on the device.
  • Now open the app and enjoy the gaming experience.

Download Fallout Shelter for Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7

The Fallout Vault is the best app for PC, but it consumes almost 1.4GB of disk space for a full install, so it’s nothing but a great app. Although it cannot collect any system information and does not make any changes to the PC. This means that it is safe to use. To download and install there is two methods are available.

Method 1: Direct Download of Fallout Shelter:

>> Step 1) Fallout shelter having a official site To download.

>> Step 2) As long as you can Download this app on the official website. It is a safe and secure way for your PC.

>> Step 3) Visit the official link.

>> Step 4) Open the page and here scroll down to an option to download.

>> Step 5) Select the option according to your platform and download it.

>> Step 6) Wait two to three minutes for the download.

>> Step 7) Once the download is complete, install it on your PC.

>> Step 8) Then launch the game and play.

Method 2: Download Fallout Shelter Apk Via Blue Stacks:

In the first method, you cannot download this app or face installation problem with the second method. This method mainly depends on the blue batteries, while you can follow the download and installation steps.

  • Download blue batteries application on your PC.

You can root BlueStacks without King Root

  • Once the download is complete, install this on your device, by simply clicking the next button, repeatedly.
  • Now, wait some time for full installation.
  • After successful installation, Launch the blue batteries of your PC / Mac.
  • Although it takes time Loading.
  • Then he will ask sign in on the blue batteries.
  • Complete the login process and log into the account.
  • Now Download & save the fallout shelter application on pc / mac.
  • Open again the blue stacks, then Go to file manager >> select and copy the file >> and press the copy here
  • Now the game is added to the main screen of your blue stacks.
  • Launch the game on blue stacks and feel the gaming experience.

The latest advanced alternatives of the Fallout Shelter app:

All most all game formats are available in the Project HighRise app. It is better for construction games like skyscraper, 2D construction and mani to manage other construction games to build your safe and there are many other features available in this app.

The Sims 4 app is one of the good alternatives to the Fallout Shelter app because it contains the power to change the characters in the game and it contains the power to create the shelter. This is the best app if Fallout Shelter doesn’t meet the needs, so go for The Sims 4 app.

This is the last city survival game, it is released in 2018. As it is released, the latest version which contains the most advanced features compared to all other apps like Fallout Shelter.

These are the best and important Fallout Shelter app alternatives. According to the opinion given by users. This is how these became the best Fallout Shelter app alternatives.


Well done, I think these methods and procedures are enough to download and install Fallout Shelter Apk on Android, iOS and Windows without any errors. If you have any problems, chat with us. What are you waiting for to open the app and enjoy this world class gaming experience? I think Fallout Shelter gives you better gaming experience like Clash of Clans.

This article mainly concludes “How to Download Fallout Shelter Apk“&”How to install Fallout Shelter Apk»For Android, iOS and Windows devices. If you have any errors or issues while using this Fallout Shelter app on your smart devices, let me know through the comments section. I will try my best to give you a better solution for your query.

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