Download and install Pocket TV Apk for Android without root

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If you are looking for an Android that lets you watch movies, TV shows, series and more, download Pocket TV Apk for Android.

Hello geeks, how are you all? hope all is well. Guys are looking forward to streaming life and keen to enjoy free online tv channels, movies and short films, so I will show the best way to enjoy all the above tasks as follows. Come on, let’s get into the topic.

Pocket TV app overview

Pocket tv apk is a third party application. First of all, you need to know about the “APK” as you know apk in a full form known as “ANDROID PACKAGE”. It means a file package format which will not be available in online stores so these Apk are available in third party apps and backend links. Ok, let’s read more to know the different methods to install Pocket TV Apk on Android devices.

About the Pocket TV app:

According to your teaching, this is not illegal, it is a legal app that will provide all seasons and series for free. A large number of channels and movies and a huge amount of free profit are available in the Pocket TV app. It is lower in space, it just occupies the space of “39.41 MB”. As it is legal, you can enjoy it without any fear.

Pocket TV will be under the law and provide all the services for free, you just need to download it from the store if it is not available in some areas, you can download the apk app from the main portal of the Pocket TV app application as per the instructions will be available below.


  • It is an application available in more than 15 countries.
  • Compared to all other apk apps which will charge the highest amount of data while watching, but charge very little data for streaming.
  • You can easily search for your volunteer series which will be readily available on Pocket TV.
  • The name pocket tv best suites, as you can enjoy it at any location and the only thing required, is an internet connection with minimum speed.
  • It’s legal, so no need to worry about using the app even in public places.
  • A large number of channels are available i.e. over 500 HD channels and a huge number of movies also available.
  • All other websites will charge the amount of money, but Pocket TV will provide all the services for free.
  • There it provides the service in all languages ​​as it offers on all other websites.
  • If your signal operator’s network is good, there will be no buffering.
  • Anyone can access the app very easily as it is used even by children nowadays.
  • Here you can download the latest version of it.

Download the Pocket TV Apk app for Android:

Pocket TV app is one of the best apps which provides TV channels and live broadcast programs and all movies available in apps’Amazon”Netflix and all other paid services that will allow you to watch all paid services without charge of the amount.

I think most of us are still looking for an app that allows users to watch free movies, tv series, web series. But most of the streaming apps available on Google are paid. Don’t worry, here in this article you are going to get free online streaming app to enjoy live streaming on your Android devices without any payment.

How to download and install the Pocket TV app on Android:

As it is available on the Google PlayStore for all Android devices, so follow the same rules for downloading and installing on Android devices.

Download the Pocket TV app from Google PlayStore:

  1. Since the app is available in the Google Store, click on the Store app on your device.
  2. Enter the name pocket tv in the search field of the Google Play Store.


  1. There comes the app and then tap on the install option.
  2. Once after installation, open the app and allow access to the app.
  3. Finally, enjoy the series or movies according to your interest.

This is the process of downloading and installing the app through the Google store and Android stores. And for the apk app download as follows.

Download the Pocket TV Apk:

  • For the apk app, you are supposed to search the Chrome page for the Pocket TV app portal.
  • This is the home page of the pocket tv site.
  • There you can see options like Pocket TV for TV or Mobile.
  • Then select what is required for TV or mobile.
  • Later download and install the app, there are options under the app.
  • Allow access to the app to access your device.
  • Finally, the application is available on your device then enjoy the application.

This is the process of downloading and installing the apk app through the main app portal. As it is not available in some regions as it provides all the services, this will allow you to enjoy it even if it is not available in the play store.

So here are the ways to download and install Pocket TV app in both versions, either from play store or from apk.

Disadvantages of Pocket TV:

  1. It is only available for Android users, no other device can access the app.
  2. Your signal operator’s network is required for best performance.
  3. The update will change the functionality of the app.
  4. Other applications will face the problem of loss as they provide the services for free.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Question 1) Is it possible to change in different languages?

Answer: Yes, it can be changed according to your wish.

Question 2) Does it take up a lot of space in an Android device?

Answer: No, 32MB is enough to store in the device.

Question 3) Can I download the movies to my device?

Answer: Yes, you can download the movies and series to your device.

Question 4) Does it pay to enjoy live TV channels?

Answer: No, all of the services provided in Pocket TV are free.

Question 5) Does it charge a lot of data while watching live tv channels?

Answer: No, compared to all other apps, Pocket TV will charge very little data.

Question 6) Is the Pocket TV application illegal?

Answer: No, it is a legal application and provides services for free.

Final conclusion:

In my experience, Pocket TV is the best app which provides all live streaming services and TV channels and a lot of movies available and all the services are free. Compared to all other apps, this is the legal app that charges minimal data while watching and the most advanced feature is the download option available in the app of the latest version.

That’s it, this article is about How to Download and Install Pocket TV Apk App on Android Without Root. If you benefit from this article, please do not hesitate to share this article with your friends and family. I can say only one thing is that Pocket TV App is much better than all other online streaming apps.

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