Do we receive an alert when taking a screenshot on WhatsApp?

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Another information that makes the headlines of social networks: WhatsApp notifies the user when you take a screenshot of the conversation. Info or intox ? This is what we will find out in this article.

Indeed, according to rumors, the application includes a new feature in its future update. The rumored option is intended to alert users to any screenshots of their conversations on WhatsApp. The reactions to this hoax are contradictory. Some have questioned this rumor. Others, on the other hand, let themselves be fooled.

The notification for WhatsApp conversation captures: unfounded information

We all know that the notification when taking a screenshot already exists on some social media like Instagram or Snapchat. However, this option is still not included in the confidentiality rules by WhatsApp and is not even part of its future updates. We invite you to check the news on the official website of the platform, to be even more reassured.

However, if one day or another WhatsApp decides to alert the recipient when you take a screenshot of your conversation, the solution will be simple. You can use another camera to photograph the conversation Or just open chat on WhatsApp Web.

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