DNSLookupView, a utility to track DNS requests

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DNSLookupView is a very lightweight utility for Windows 10 users that allows you to track and access information around queries DNS sent by the Windows DNS client. Very useful if you want to monitor the data exchange between your computer and the outside (the internet).

It is a portable utility that does not require installation, and you just need to download it, unzip it, and then use it. The program is very easy to use with a single simple window to start the analysis, collection and immediate and real-time monitoring of DNS queries on your operating system.

To start, press the button Play which is just under the menu if not with the keyboard shortcut F5 (To start) and F6 (to stop the collection), the utility will therefore start to collect the DNS requests and will display them as a list in the same window. This list of DNS requests collected in real time is very detailed with information such as host name, process ID, thread ID, process name (program behind the request), process path, the time and finally the type of DNS request, its status and the result. Then it is possible to export the result in XML or JSON file format.

The tool is available in several languages ​​on the official download page of its publisher Nirsoft.net, to download the translated version in French, click on this link: DNSLookupView in French

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