Disney +: more than a month to wait before the release of Mulan in France

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As with any new movie, Mulan had to hit the big screen before she found her way to streaming services.

However, in this exceptional period of a global pandemic, cinemas have had to close their doors. As a result, the great Disney classic will be accessible directly on Disney +.

Indeed, since last September 4, Mulan has been available on the SVoD platform of the firm with big ears.

But then, what about its distribution in France? In this article, we tell you where to watch Mulan.

Mulan, the synopsis

In 436, the Emperor of China decreed that one man from each family should join his imperial army to fight the invaders.

To prevent her sick father from fighting, her daughter Hua Mulan decides to pose as a soldier named Hua Jun.

Combative and stubborn young woman, Mulan tries to prove that she has her place despite the hard training. It was then that she discovered a potential and a force that she had never exploited before …

When is Mulan released in France?

Will the Mulan movie land on Disney + in France ? The answer is yes. However, the most important question that many fans ask themselves is: When?

As we mentioned above, it was on September 4 that the film appeared on the screens of computers, smartphones and televisions across the Atlantic.

As for the Hexagon, we will still have to be patient. Due to existing agreements, the title will only be availablefrom December 4.

How to watch the Mulan movie on Disney +?

Before you can watch Mulan, you will be able to enjoy a plethora of programs offered by Disney Plus.

If you are not already registered, subscribe to the platform directly via the official website, the subscription is at € 6.99 / month, or € 69.99 / year.

Also note that the group Canal + is the official broadcaster of Disney +. Therefore, if you are already a customer, then you will have direct access to US content at no additional cost.

Watch the movie Mulan from abroad

If you are abroad, and want to access your Disney + or Canal + account, then you can subscribe to a VPN (virtual private network).

It allows you to hide your location and access all your programs as if you were in France. However, be aware that this tip can cost you your subscription.

We recommend you NordVPN for his safety or ExpressVPN for its speed. Do not hesitate to consult our comparison of best VPNs (some are free) for more choices.

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