Discover our trick to export your Apple Music playlist to Spotify

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There are many reasons to prefer one music streaming service over another. To switch from Apple Music to Spotify, or vice versa, the process is simple because you just have to subscribe and connect to it, but transferring your content from one platform to another is more difficult!

Why ? Because there is no direct way to copy your playlists, saved music or other data.

To do this, you will have no choice but to download a third-party application or service to proceed with the export of your titles from one account to another.

Transfer playlists with a third-party app

Be it Apple Music or Spotify, from the music streaming services, there are no features for transferring your playlists.

To do this, you will need to use a third-party service, like SongShiftavailable for free at iOS (in English), FreeYourMusic or even of Soundiiz.

They are also compatible with other platforms such as Deezer, Tidal, Pandora, Amazon or YouTube. You can, for example, transfer between Spotify and Apple Music.


With FreeYourMusicit is possible to export your saved music and playlists from one service to another, but it is very expensive.

Its free version is limited to 100 tracks and a playlist, for the rest you have to pay €12.99 for its basic version.

For more features, automatic synchronization of playlists and albums and their backup to the cloud, for example, you will have to pay € 39.99 per year.

You should also appreciate its compatibility with all macOS (Intel or Apple Silicon), Windows and Linux desktops and operating systems.


SongShift is particularly focused for iPhone users. It offers a subscription Professional at €5.49which allows you to connect to several music streaming services at the same time, to export an unlimited number of playlists, or to stop being disturbed by advertisements.

A little more complex than FreeYourMusic, the titles are not always available in the same source albums. You will have no choice but to check the matches and correct any transfer errors or manually find the missing music.

Despite this, it is more affordable and easy to use.


Soundiiz is used from your Internet browser, its free version offers a connection to all the music platforms where you are registered, with the conversion of playlists one by one and access to other basic tools.

Its Premium subscription costs €4.50 per month or €36 per year to sync an entire album at once, you can also merge and split your playlists.

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