Disable background app update on iPhone

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Disable all background app updates on iPhone or iPad It is highly recommended to save a good amount of battery, mobile data and to avoid some apps from spying on us.

Keeping updates in the background can have some benefits. The truth is, the negatives are considerable. If we turn off background updates, we will be able to save battery, mobile data and prevent them from spying on us.

We will click on “Settings”, the icon is among the applications.

Once we are in configuration, we will have to go to “General”.

We generally press.

In “General” we will have to click on “Update background application”.

Update the app in the background.

Now we will see the background app update configuration section. What we can do is turn off one by one. For this we will have to move the switch that is on the right side of each app to turn it off.

Disable background apps.

Over the past two years, the Washington Post has found that some apps use the background app refresh feature to send data about our internet activities.

This means unless you trust the app and it is from a serious company. Then, the best is to deactivate this function for the vast majority of the applications that you have installed on your mobile device.

Fortunately, Apple allows us disable all background apps at once. When we have too many apps, it would be easier to deactivate them all and activate them one at a time.

We can turn off background updates for all apps at once.

Then at the top of this section you should find the option “Update background app”, just click on it.

We select deactivate.

This will take us to a new screen where we can select a few options: disabled, Wifi and Wifi and mobile data. The best thing to do is to just keep it turned off.

We can now exit the configuration. Most interesting of all is that one of the options that is disabled when we enter low power mode to save battery on iPhone is precisely updating in the background.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep it disabled. In addition, it will save us enough battery to keep our device to last a few more hours. And in this simple way, we can turn off any background app updates.

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