Different ways to improve your English without leaving your home

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Language practice is essential to help you maintain your level in a certain language, while progressing according to your needs and goals. However, it is not always easy to make this practice an imperative, by exchanging with people from all over the world, by taking courses or even by traveling. Sometimes you just need to stay at home to learn English on your own, using different techniques.

Interested in this topic ? We share with you how to follow some of our techniques, which will allow you to improve in record time, to allow you to reach the desired level in English without having to leave your home.

1. Take distance learning English lessons

If your knowledge of English is limited, and you are looking for a way to sustainably learn the language, to reach the level you want, it may be necessary to start with language lessons first. Even without having to leave your home, you will be able to find courses to enable you tolearn english remotely, whether through applications that you can download to your phone, or by choosing to take private lessons online.

Make sure you study the different platforms available for learning English at a distance, in order to choose the most interesting solution, the one that best meets your expectations and your budget. You could for example turn to the application Busuu, Babbel, Duolingo, or choose to take online courses on the site Udemy.

2. Watch series in English

If you do not have the opportunity to hear people speak English in your daily life, you will need to make sure that English is part of your day, using the various resources available on the internet. Among these resources, you will be able to choose to watch series online, on different platforms, Netflix To Amazon prime.

Among the best series of the moment, to watch in original version, we recommend that you discover the Peaky Blinders, from the Serie The Crown, or the episodes of Homeland, if you like American series.

3. Take advantage of exchanges in English on social networks

Social networks are a way to communicate with the whole world, from your mobile phone. By choosing to follow your favorite personalities on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, you will be able to discover new content, and even follow people around the world in English. This could allow you to quickly progress in the language of Shakespeare!

On Instagram for example, you can discover stories in English by following the news of foreign influencers of the moment. Do not hesitate to exchange with other subscribers in the comments, always in English to improve your practice!

4. Set yourself review goals

To progress and allow you to improve as fast as possible, there is nothing like setting review goals. In addition to your distance English lessons, and the other methods you use to improve yourself in English, revisions are also essential, and they should be regular.

For example, you could set a number of words to learn per week by creating vocabulary lists on topics that interest you. On the internet, you will also find games as well as quiz in english, which will help you improve your skills and test your knowledge.

5. Read and listen to English on a daily basis

As we explained earlier, to progress as quickly as possible in a language without having to leave home, it is essential to hear it as much as possible. For this, you can turn to watching videos Youtube, or even discover podcasts in english, on topics that interest you.

When it comes to reading English, you can again find many resources online. Why not take a look at the news from England, discovering your favorite magazines or newspapers in English? US Vogue, New York Times, The Times… You are spoiled for choice!

6. Meet an English correspondent

Finally, to learn English at home or improve your skills, you can also make sure you find a foreign correspondent, with whom you can discuss English from a distance. We advise you to choose a correspondent from England if you want to work on your British accent! In return, you can in turn help them improve their knowledge of French, so that everyone can benefit from these exchanges. Enough to bond with a beautiful friendship!

To improve yourself in English, hurry to put these tips into practice, and share with us your learning methods, so that English becomes accessible to everyone, from home.

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