determine the radius of 1 km in one click with this tool

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COVID-19. Here is a very handy tool that will help you, with one click, to determine a zone of one kilometer around your home.

Covid Radius

It will probably not have escaped you, a new containment was put in place by the executive last night. This will be effective from October 29, 2020 from midnight, and until December 1 at a minimum. As in the first wave, an exceptional travel certificate is set up by the government of Jean Castex.

As during the first confinement, our movements will be limited to 1 kilometer around our home. Namely that the cinemas will close their doors on Friday, October 30. If exceptions are permitted (shopping, work, etc.), we offer you a tool to calculate the authorized area for your outings.

How far can I go 1 km from my home? A tool to help you

Until at least December 1, 2020, it will be possible to leave home to work, go to a medical appointment, assist a loved one, do essential shopping, or take the air near your home. . The travel to get some fresh air, like going out a few steps, running, sports or walking your dog, will be limited to one hour per day and within a radius of one kilometer around his home, according to the executive.

To make things easier for you, we offer a small module to determine an area of ​​one kilometer around your home. It is CovidRadius, created by Maxime Girard. The tool is available here: You can expand the area as you see fit. The map comes from OpenStreetMap and no data is stored or retrieved. If you are on a smartphone, the site even allows you to be alerted live if you exceed the pre-established zone. The site seems to have some hiccups with Safari on macOS but seems to work fine on other browsers. here is the GitHub link for the curious.

Reconfinement: determine the radius of 1 km in one click with this tool

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