Define personalized ringtones by your SMS threads

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The Google Messages app provides the ability for users to customize the notification ringtones for one or more specific contacts. Unfortunately, this parameter is hidden deep in the menus of the SMS management application. Rather than wasting your time looking for it, today we’re going to help you set a ringtone for a particular thread.

Create personalized ringtones on Google Messages

SMS, due to its universality, is still today one of the best systems for communicating and exchanging with friends. This is one of the only communication protocols using the cellular network and not data (internet) as is the case with instant messaging platforms.

If the comparison between SMS and WhatsApp shows huge differences, it is clear that texting continues to be popular, especially thanks to its great compatibility. No need for example to download a third-party messaging app to chat with friends or family. All smartphones including Apple phones today can send or receive SMS.

But now the studies show that we spend too much time on our phones. Managing messages and especially SMS is a recurring problem mentioned by many users. Being organized and tidy can easily save time.

For example, instead of looking at your phone screen with each notification you receive, why not assign a different ringtone to each of your important contacts. This will allow you to know who sent you a message without even having to touch your phone. The ringing tone will act as an indicator and prevent you from dispersing.

Most smartphones sold in our territory are equipped by default with the Google Messages application also called Android Messages. You can also download it directly from the Play store by clicking on the link opposite.

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