Cydia Tweak to Find WiFi Password on Jailbroken iPhone [How To]

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If you want to find the WiFi password of your jailbroken iPhone, read more to know about the Cydia Tweak to find the WiFi password on jailbroken iPhone.

Nowadays, it has become necessary to connect to the network via wi-fi. It is part of our daily life. We can’t think of a day without a mobile or wi-fi. Several people are using private wi-fi around us. We cannot access private networks because they are secured with passwords. IPhones are very secure. If you forgot your Wi-Fi password or want to share it with another device or a friend. Then we want to crack the wi-fi password. Let’s read more to know about Cydia Tweak to find WiFi password.

Cydia Tweak to find WiFi password

There are many Cydia apps, settings to hack wi-fi passwords. In the process, the installation of applications was sometimes done with the jailbreak of the iPhone. Since Cydia apps will jailbreak your iPhone. We will know these apps now to know the Cydia Tweak to find WiFi password

Here are some Cydia tweaks to download

1. “Wi-Fi Passwords” Cydia Tweak:

“Wi-Fi passwords” is an adjustment found in respiratory iwazowski. Who is a Cydia source. Wi-Fi Password Tweak provides you with a list of passwords. This list of networks can deal with you, you may have already been connected. There is a search bar to search for networks. Select a network, you will get technical information about that network. It’s basically a jailbreaking tweak without Cydia.

It is the tweak which will give the information of the network to which you connected previously. It will show the old password only, it means the password when you logged into it. It cannot display the new password if it has been changed. You can get the Wi-Fi passwords that are available to you.

The URL of the repository is:

2. Cydia “iWeb Pro” adjustment:

iWeb Pro is one of the best tweaks in Cydia for the latest versions of ios. It is available in the respiratory iwazwski which is the Cydia source. You need to install the tweak to hack ios 10 passwords. You need iweb pro dictionaries to hack wi-fi passwords

Repository URL:

3. Cydia “iSpeedTouched” Tweak:

iSpeed ​​Touched is a tweak that will provide the list of network passwords available to you. This is called a roundtable to find networks and their passwords and connect them to our device.

Usually none of the apps in the Apple Store will let you find the wireless network password on iPhone, but there is always a way to find it.

  • Go to Settings and tap “Wi-Fi”, you can see the network name. Press the (i) info button to get the router’s IP address.
  • Open safari, then enter the router’s IP address to access the router’s login panel page.
  • Now you can login with the default password. You are also allowed to find the password quickly with a specific router model.


  • Question 1) Is it possible to share passwords?

Answer: You can copy the Wi-Fi password from the list and you can paste it anywhere and share it.

  • Question 2) Can I see my iPhone password?


  • Yes, open the settings -> Wi-Fi -> Choose your network and click on “i”, means information about it -> Copy the IP address present at Rooter
  • Paste this address in any browser
  • Then it opens a new page asking for the administrator and the password
  • Enter the administrator ID and default password
  • You just signed in, then open the Wireless Settings tab
  • Then you can see the wi-fi password there.


It is about hacking the Wi-Fi passwords surrounded by you. I have already used their past and ran away. You can easily find the passwords by installing Cydia Tweaks. Since this is a third-party AppStore, you must violate Apple’s terms and conditions. Means Tweak is only available for iOS jailbreakers.

You can find the list of passwords that you have already used. But if any of them changed the password, it is not visible to us. So you can use the Wi-Fi passwords and easily connect to the network.

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