Create unnamed folders on your iPhone desktop

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The new application icon management system opens up new possibilities for organizing the iPhone desktop. In this guide, you will find all the tips for creating unnamed folders in order to achieve a minimalist home screen.

New organization of the home screen

The number of apps available on the App Store is approaching two million apps. Obviously, faced with such an offer, it is very difficult to resist. We quickly find ourselves with a dozen small colored icons on the desktop of your iPhone.

It can quickly look like a real gas factory and create a huge mess on the desktop of your smartphone. Fortunately there are solutions to end this chaos. You can for example create application subfolders.

If you have a recent iPhone running iOS 14 know that it is now possible to change the appearance of icons on the home screen. Before you sort your applications, know that it is possible to create folders and remove the name appearing under the icon.

Completely delete the name of an application folder

When you group several applications within the same folder, Apple offers to give the directory a name. Obviously nothing prevents you from renaming it afterwards. But what not many people know that it is possible to remove the name from a folder.

The trick is to use the Unicode space character used in braille mode. This is because the iOS system recognizes the braille space character as a normal character. This will make it possible to have an unnamed folder.

  • Copy the braille space character. As a reminder, to enter braille on the iPhone, you must activate the Voice Over mode which can be found in the accessibility section. The space character is obtained in Braille by swiping to the right with a finger
  • Return to the home page of your iPhone
  • Keep your finger long pressed on an icon to launch edit mode
  • All the icons will shake
  • Open the folder you want to edit
  • Press the small x button to the right of the folder name
  • Then place your finger on the text area of ​​the folder name
  • Select the paste option to place the copy braille character at the start of the procedure
  • Press the finish button
  • Leave the folder

Here it is finished. You will notice that your file contains only the space character in braille. This character being completely invisible, your folder will appear as if by magic without any name.

If you subsequently decide to give your folder a name again, simply return to edit mode on your home screen. Then press the cross to delete the braille character and replace it with the name of your choice.

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