convert audio and video file to mp3 format.

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To download a video, Internet users easily retrieve videos in several formats in order to convert them into mp3 audio with better quality, thanks to the converter offered by dozens of platforms. This practice is spreading more and more and for Google it is a kind of piracy and against the terms of service on YouTube. At present, Google has reportedly decided to prevent from accessing its servers.

Google, owner of YouTube!

Youtube is part of the most popular sites around the world, which hosts many videos. Created in 2005 with three people at the head of the project, there were: Steve Chain, Chad Hurley and Jawad Karim. They worked long before at Paypal, unfortunately, they ended up abandoning the idea after its official launch.

Now it is the Google firm which owns YouTube since it was acquired in 2006 with a sum of $ 1.65 billion. She also developed it by establishing a partnership with Steve Jobs to improve Apple TV. This lead to a conversion of all youtube videos on the site in H.264 format.

How does Google react to converting YouTube videos to MP3?

From a strict point of view copyright, in France, it is possible to use software such as Free You Tube to MP3 Converter to extract an audio track froma YouTube video and convert it in mp3 files to take on a walkman. However, Google made a decision to put several sites on notice, which offer downloads in mp3 files to cease their activity. Indeed, theuse of converters is part of prohibitions on the terms of use of You Tube. In addition, it seems that Google which threatens to pursue the legal action, blocked YouTube-MP3 access to its videos.

How to convert video to mp3?

Convert your videos in mp3 worry-free, with the best possible quality!

  • Download and install the app 4k Video to MP3 ;
  • Click on “Add video” by selecting the video you want to convert;
  • Click on “Display the folder” once the conversion has been completed, in order to play the files and listen to the audio conversion;

Which converter to choose?

Use a mp3 Converter. MP3-YouTube allows you to convert audio files, but there are several sites on the web such as: 5KPlayer MP3 Downloader, Fluvore, FLVTO, OnlineVideoConverter, Converto, Mpgun, Y2Mate … Those are mp3 converters efficient and easy to use. And to facilitate the download, Free Video to MP3 Converter can be useful to extract the sound in an audio file. You can also use software to a video conversion.

How to download streaming videos from YouTube-dl?

There are many ways to upload videos to YouTube in order to watch them without internet connection, like streaming. You just need to tap youtube-dl by sticking theUrl of the video. You will be able to view directly using Vlc with free software.

Is Converting YouTube Video to MP3 Illegal?

Nothing forbids convert YouTube videos to MP3 ! What’s more, no law mentions that download videos or music on youtube and convert them to file format mp3 is prohibited. There’s nothing to be scared of ! You can convert your favorite music on YouTube Downloader Or on other sites. However, it all depends on the content you want to convert.

Of United States, it is possible to convert or import youtube videos to MP3 and of save them on your Android device. On the other hand, it is forbidden to share these audio data to someone else because the copyright of these videos don’t you do not belong. Moreover in Germany, downloading youtube videos is legal to listen to them offline and to make a playlist in your cell phone or computer.

It is still necessary to remain vigilant and the use of the converted file must remain strictly personal in order to escape to legal proceedings. But it turns out that most videos watched for free not all downloadable. And people who do it by third-party software, once discovered, will be punished.

Google: the copyright war rages on

Inasmuch as copyright holder, it has the exclusive right to use his work and to grant permission other people to use it. Indeed, the war rages between Youtube and theEuropean Union. In recent weeks, many videos have alerted the European community to copyright and call for signing petitions and mobilizing on social networks.

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